About Us

Homegrown was started from a passion to 'change the narrative,' in India. There was an emergence of independent creators in every realm; people who were defying cultural stereotypes and bringing forth new perspectives. It is helmed by the founding partners, a sister-brother duo, Varun Patra and Varsha Patra.

We look for artists who work with taboo topics like sexuality, gender. Those who are underrepresented, underfunded, unknown. We look for entrepreneurs with side-hustles, with success stories, failure stories”with spunk. We look for identity-driven narratives that paint a picture of the socio-political struggles of our youth in this country. We look for street-culture and the people shaping it: the fashion designers, the b-boy and hip hop dance groups, the skateboard and rap crews. We look for reminders of the past, of history, of nostalgia. We look for intimacy, for authenticity, for voice. We look for the creators who are driving the creative economy around the country. We look for narratives untold. We are the undercurrents of Indian youth culture; we are what’s next, and we are what should be next.

Through our digital media publication we build the identity for emerging voices for all facets of contemporary youth culture; through our agency/content studio we connect brands with today's youth in ways that drive culture forward. Through our experiences we create cultural impact on-ground. And now through #HGAcademy and commune of creative thought-leaders, we provide up-skilling and education on creative careers.

Represented those who cannot be defined or confined, it is fast becoming one of the most influential ecosystems in the country for the creative Indian—always at the front line of creating, curating and cultivating change.

Partnered with over 130 brands on content, brand campaigns, influencer/thought leadership, experiential marketing, research, global partnerships and more.