Talks About Their Creative Process

Homegrown Staff

As you peel back the layers of what’s in front of you and take in everything they have to offer, you find yourself being transported on a sublime journey across time, space, emotion, and being. There’s an ethereal ‘otherworldliness’ that they inject into everyday spaces and objects that gently nudges their audiences into re-evaluating the preconceptions that they use to view art and the world as a whole.

“We had our individual practices after this point, but we quickly realised how much we really trusted each other’s instincts,” explains Doyel. “It wasn’t just a flat exchange and we were really able to build on things without criticism."

One of the things that has allowed Howareyoufeeling to carve out such a unique niche is their commitment to their process. Everything that has brought them success and the attention of the zeitgeist has come from a place of earnestness and honesty.

“If we question how we’re feeling, it becomes a means and a portal to introspection which brings us closer to our intuition. Then in the process of expressing these feelings, you have to pass all the conditioning and other things that life has thrown at you. This facilitates the improvisational nature of how we want to put things out in the world.”

Howareyoufeeling constantly strives to create experiential spaces and to take art out and beyond the proverbial ‘white room’; moving it into spaces where the public at large is able to more easily access it.