Watch A Homegrown Short Exploring Individual Expression Via The Spectrum Of Masculinity

Colours of a Cuboid
Colours of a CuboidSomya Lochan

Quarter, a Delhi-based studio, has launched its debut collection, seamlessly integrating artisanal craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and fabric innovation. The brand's philosophy centers around the synergy of these three quarters, with the fourth quarter representing the wearer or observer, emphasizing a collective experience. Collaborating with artisans from diverse corners of India, Quarter blends generational mastery with contemporary sensibilities, creating garments that cater to both' underdogs and abovecats', embodying a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity. Each piece is a meticulous fusion of logic, technique, story, and science, resulting in scientific, arithmetic, dynamic, and multi-layered textiles. Encouraging detailed observation, Quarter's collection invites wearers to engage with the intricate stories woven into each garment, reflecting the brand's commitment to continuous evolution.

Colours of a Cuboid, Quarter's captivating short film, skillfully weaves a narrative around four characters donning the same pair of shoes, symbolizing a collective consciousness through the brand. The film artfully illustrates how Quarter's creations transcend mere garments, becoming a powerful conduit for individual expression and identity. Through the lens of these characters, the film navigates the spectrum of masculinity and self-discovery, mirroring the diverse interpretations that Quarter's pieces offer to its clientele. The shared foundation of the footwear becomes a canvas for personal stories, showcasing how Quarter's textiles embody and empower the wearer to carve their unique narratives.

Watch it below.

Conceptually exploring the multifaceted nature of masculinity and self-expression, 'Colours of a Cuboid' invites viewers on an engaging journey into the sartorial expressions of a diverse world. Each piece from Quarter's collection takes on a life of its own, symbolizing more than just fabric and thread. The film poignantly captures the emotional depth embedded in Quarter's ethos, as the same garment holds distinct meanings for each individual. This cinematic exploration beautifully visualizes Quarter's commitment to crafting not just clothing but stories, inviting the audience to emotionally connect with the brand and see it as a catalyst for personal narratives. The film succeeds in drawing viewers into the intimate and symbolic qualities of Quarter's creations, showcasing the brand's ability to transcend fashion and become a vessel for personal and collective identity.

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