The History Of Gin & Tonic In India

Homegrown Staff

Its refreshing comeback reminds us of the time in Indian history when gin came about –– that, at the least, is a rather interesting story. From how the alcohol made its entry into India, gave birth to the famed Gin & Tonic, to how they were stored, the tale of gin is not one bit morose.

Before the British took control of India, they fought the Thirty Years War on Dutch land. There, the British soldiers came across Genever (Dutch word for Juniper) –– at the time, it was considered a medical aid to circulation.

To consume their doses of quinine (alkaloid used to wade off malaria), they added it to carbonated water, which, of course, made it bitter. In search for something to offset this bitterness, the only somewhat fruity and botanical substance that they chose to use was –– you guessed it –– gin.

However, before all the fancy glassware and the bottles we see today, gin was stored in rather intricately decorated and painted bottles. What sits on our bars now is far from the humble (yet beautiful) beginnings of gin bottles.