The Origins Of Kissing & How It Could Have All Started In India

Homegrown Staff

Some believe that kissing, as we know it, is instinctive and began millions of years ago among other mammals when mothers fed their young. Later, some believe that human kissing grew out of ancient kissing habits humans inherited from our ape ancestors.

In fact, the researchers who have traced the history of the kiss, have sniffed out its origins and been led ... right back to India. According to Texas A&M University anthropology professor Vaughn Bryant, kissing is not instinctive and in fact, is strictly a learned cultural pattern that’s very recent. 

Bryant argues that kissing started in India and spread slowly after Alexander the Great conquered Punjab in c.326 BCE. About half a century later, the Mahabharata contained references suggesting that affection between people was expressed by lip kissing.

The Kama Sutra specifies the kinds of kisses given to females and those given to males. Besides the ones described below, there are ‘special kisses’, ‘tongue combat’, ‘the kidding game’, and more such adventurous types of kisses specified in the ancient Indian pleasure manual.

All of this being said (and done), the chasm between those accepting of changing customs with respect to physical intimacy, and those desperate to cling onto traditions that clearly didn’t even find a place in ancient India. As the divide keeps widening, only time will tell which side might be consumed in between.