3 Indian Creatives Changing The Narrative Around Sex & Pleasure

3 Indian Creatives Changing The Narrative Around Sex & Pleasure

Sex education in India is a grey area that no one can truly decipher. The attempt at making a conversation open and accepting is often met with moral judgement, personal biases, and societal sentiments that are preached even by those who attempt to teach it. Ironically enough, India never made room for a healthy conversation around sex despite several failed attempts made by governing powers and authorities.

On a grassroots level, sex continues to be a topic of conversation that is conveniently swept under the carpet even amongst relatively liberal households. A small wind of respite has arrived in India in the form of social media creators who are using their platforms wisely to educate the newer generations about sex, pleasure, and more. The change they are striving to bring about will have slow yet powerful implications for the perception of sex in the future but for those who still struggle to speak openly to our family and peers about the birds and the bees, creators on the internet are nothing short of revolutionary.

Here are three Indian creators who are changing the narrative around sex and pleasure

Mythologist, historian, and storyteller Seema Anand is surely making waves on the internet for her opinions, views and think pieces on sex and pleasure. This London-based creator embarked on her journey to create a conversation around pleasure only a couple of years ago and in this period has fostered a community that revolves around positive perception of sex and sex-healthy conversations.

Leeza was no stranger to the inherent biases society held towards conversations around sex. Having grown up under such circumstances, navigating through it in adulthood became a task for this creator. In an attempt to rewrite the narratives around sex and conversations around contraceptives, self-pleasure, and more - Leeza Mangaldas has garnered a massive following on social media where she creates quick, informational reels on the same topics.

A practising gynaecologist and a body-positive creator, Dr Tanaya approaches every topic with her scientific and medical prowess. She also addresses concerns and queries around menstruation, cervical cancer, vaccines, and more. Dr Tanaya’s information is a powerful way to break down myths surrounding sex and sexuality. This is the inherent problem with taboos; they give way to the formation of unverified myths and rumours that tend to plague public perception for significant periods of time.

Sex-positive creators on the internet might be pulling society closer towards a more accepting future but the real change still lies in the hands of those who consume the information. Time will only tell whether the efforts of these creators will have a lasting effect on public perception.

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