A Homegrown Photoseries Depicts The Beauty In The Slow Burning Of Time

Disha Bijolia

Converging visual art, fashion and poetry, photographer Athelia Blue's lens captures the essence of Priyanka Ella Lorena's mesmerizing collection, 'The Hive'. Crafted in 2020, this collaboration transcends mere garments, delving into the profound intricacies of life's fleeting beauty.

At the heart of this project lies the visionary designer Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama, whose creative genius breathes life into each meticulously crafted piece. Hailing from Darjeeling, Lama's journey as an emerging fashion designer has been marked by a deep commitment to slow fashion and zero-waste creative pattern-making. The Hive epitomizes this ethos, celebrating indigenous handwoven textiles — from silks to exquisite Pashminas and the intricate stinging nettle weave.

Photographer Athelia Blue, renowned for her evocative compositions rooted in personal narratives, lends her artistic vision to this collaboration. Her photographs, intertwined with Lama's creations, become a visual symphony that resonates with nature's rhythms. Each frame captures the essence of slow motion, where beauty and fragility converge in a dance of light and shadow. The imagery in The Hive evokes a sense of transcendence, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between creation and decay. Blue's lens transforms fabric into poetry, revealing the intricate details of hand-rolled and blind-hemmed textiles that whisper stories of craftsmanship and dedication.

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