8 Voluntourism Getaways Across India

Homegrown Staff

As a volunteer at Lha, you can participate in community work by applying to a range of positions: English teaching, social media monitoring, project coordination, Yoga teaching and more. 

The trust welcomes volunteers to help out by designing products with women artisans, engage in agricultural activities, work towards tourism for Hampi, teach English etc. At the same time, you have the opportunity to live in the heart of Anegundi and experience life there. 

By volunteering with ReefWatch, you have the opportunity to work with the organization on their conversation program and rescuing endangered species like the coral reef. ReefWatch also works on developing technology to revive the growth of these species in the ocean.

You can contribute by teaching English, building community programs, working with health care, etc.

You can volunteer as an ‘intern’. Internship experiences enable you to experience life in rural India and gain valuable experience, learning about sustainable livelihoods, organic agriculture, eco-tourism and our complex raining eco-systems. 

Volunteers have the opportunity to engage in ecological restoration and sustainable, vegan community living, while also assisting with daily community tasks and caring for rescued cows in the vegan animal sanctuary.

Patience, understanding, and prior teaching or crafting experience are valued, with a background in psychology or counseling required for specific projects addressing sexual abuse and gender-based violence awareness.

Volunteers are invited to engage in diverse roles such as natural farming, Zero Waste Andolan Projects, waste management, upcycling, and local craft techniques, dedicating 6 hours daily with flexible durations.