Take Your Dog Camping With This Homegrown Eco-Tourism Company

Take Your Dog Camping With This Homegrown Eco-Tourism Company

Vaccations are such an important part of our lives. Whether it's family vacations as a kid, trips with your friends or solo adventures in the mountains, forests and foreign cities or countries, traveling to a new environment with nothing but exploration on your itinerary is something we all dream of and make time for. But planning a vacation becomes a little trickier when you have pets. Leaving them with someone while you're away doesn't quite feel as good when you know they're going to miss you.

To eliminate this whole ordeal, Pawdventure started hosting events and trips which you can attend with your furry friends. They create a vacation where you can reconnect with your dog has have all the fun without leaving them behind. Pawdventure is an eco tour agency that plans tours as a opportunity for dog-owners to go an adventures with their furry friends. They're currently in Mumbai and Pune but the team is soon coming to Bangalore and Delhi as well.


Pawdventure started in 2020 and they've hosted multiple trips since then. It's a community-based operation where they understand the bond between pets and their owners. The adventures include treks and swims with fun social events for the owners as well. They also have a canine behaviouralist in their team to make sure the dogs socialize and things run smoothy.

Apart from escapes into nature Pawdventure has also conducted 'Fur Flea', a flea market for pets and their owners with a variety of dog-care products at Brew Dog, Mumbai. Fur Flea had stalls for pets and human apparel, pet desserts, packaged dog foods, luxury pet products like leashes and bows as well as customized paw prints. Pawdventure also collaborates with Heads Up for Tails to promote feeding street dogs along with FurrMeals and Ruffwear India.


Pawdventures camps are exciting events where pets and owners go on hikes and trails, swim in lakes, play games and socialize at a BBQ party. Their team looks for the best natural spots and camping grounds and set up tents in the most pristine natural landscapes to create a memorable experience for both the pets and their owners. The agency also collaborates with Fur Meals and Barks & Wags for food during camping as well as personalized gift hampers.

Pawdventures provide a one-of-a-kind service that offers pet-owners a chance to get away with their best friends without having to go through the hassle of planning anything. They also give dogs an excellent way to socialize and making friends, with dedicated canine behaviouslist taking special care of anxious dogs and dedicated decompression walks that allow them to be more confident and playful. In a short span of 2 years, they have gathered a variety of happy clients and stories, which only goes to show just how much people needed a vacation with their pets.

Their latest event is happening at Karjat on January 21 and 22. You can find more information and register for the camp here.

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