Pamper Your Dogs With These Homegrown Hemp Treats

Pamper Your Dogs With These Homegrown Hemp Treats
India Hemp & Co.

If you’re a proud parent of a furry baby, you will definitely relate to the desire to always spoil them with their favourite things. Whether it be a new chew toy, some exotic-flavoured food, or even a cute little collar, the urge to perpetually keep them happy feels almost like a responsibility. Nothing beats the absolute joy plastered on your dog’s face when they run toward you, brimming with excitement, to get their hands on the treat you are equally excited to give to them.

Bearing in mind the medicinal benefits of hemp in low (and legal) amounts, it is reported that dogs and cats benefit from THC use ‘including treatment of pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, inappetence, cognitive dysfunction and more,’ as mentioned by Veterinary Practice News.

India, too, is wary of these benefits and a few brands offer hemp-infused edible treats for your fur-babies. Depending on your dog’s needs and tastes, you can try one of these treats, or even a combination of them, to aid them in a journey to better overall health, while also giving them a yummy snack!

Here are four hemp dog treats you can include in your dog’s routine:

I. Bark Out Loud’s Hemp Chewstix

Suitable for dogs as well as cats, the Bark Out Loud Hemp Chewstix focus on your pet’s coat and fur. Cold press technology is used to extract natural hemp seed oil and powder. Coupled with Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Omega 6 fatty acids, the treats cater to your pet’s well-being.

Each chew stick contains the required daily dose of hemp seed extract to ensure good health. It is also flavoured with chicken and chicken liver to suit the tastes of dogs and cats alike.

Each pack of 100g retails for INR 250.

Purchase Bark Out Loud’s Hemp Chewstix here.

II. Happy Puppy’s Himalayan Hemp Hearts

These shelled hemp seeds have an earthy and nut-like flavour that is sure to suit your dog’s tastebuds. These may be fed to them as it is, or even mixed through their regular food, with an advised portion of 1 tsp for every 10kg of body weight.

The list of benefits seems endless with strengthened immunity, improved skin, better metabolism, healthy digestion, supported gut health, and more. It is high in dietary fibre and also provides nine essential amino acids for the upkeep of good health.

100g packs cost INR 399.

Get your hands on Happy Puppy’s Himalayan Hemp Hearts here.

III. India Hemp & Co.’s Good Doggo Hemp Treats

The power of natural ingredients such as turmeric, ragi, hemp seed flour, flaxseed, and cinnamon is boosted by the various benefits of natural hemp. India Hemp & Co. consulted vets, nutritionists, and even bakers as they developed these likely-to-be-gobbled treats for dogs.

The hemp component of the treats aid in soothing anxiety, lowering the risk of heart disease, strengthening joint health, reducing skin irritation and allergies, and maintaining a healthy coat. It is also high in fibre and protein. The advised portion is 2-3 treats per day for small dogs, 4-5 per day for medium-sized dogs, and 6-7 per day for large dogs.

Each pack contains 360g (100 treats) and is priced at INR 890.

Buy India Hemp & Co.’s Good Doggo Hemp Treats here.

IV. True Hemp’s Dog Treats

True Hemp offers hemp treats in three varieties, each containing a combination of ground hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp leaf.

‘Skin+Coat’ contains a mixture of ingredients high in Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for healthy coats. With salmon oil, fresh chicken, and pomegranate, these treats are certain to be devoured by your pet.

‘Hip+Joint’ is made largely with fresh poultry and enhanced by the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp, these treats are best for older and senior dogs that suffer from joint aches and arthritis.

‘Calming’, as explained by the name itself, is best for dogs suffering from anxiety, stress, or even mood swings. In addition to hemp, it contains chamomile, green tea, and lemon balm; all known to reduce tension. It is also flavoured with fresh chicken and turkey.

Each 50g pack retails for INR 699.

Purchase True Hemp’s Dog Treats here.

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