Tata Group’s ‘Bombay House’ Has A Special Room For Canine Friends

Tata Group’s ‘Bombay House’ Has A Special Room For Canine Friends
Save Our Strays

The Tata Group recently renovated its global headquarters, Bombay House. The refurbished location that opened on July 29th has one special addition – a special room for stray dogs!

India is estimated to have over 1.7 crore stray dogs, most of which are abandoned and are rarely adopted. The prevailing attitude towards strays in India is harsh and negative, often leaving these friendly and fun-loving animals neglected and abused instead of being taken care of.

As mentioned in Tata Group’s press release, although this room for stray dogs is a new formal addition to the Bombay House, the building has been home to strays for a long time. JRD Tata, Tata Group’s founder, loved dogs and was known to have instructed employees to allow stray dogs in for shelter from the rain and heat.

Current chairman Ratan Tata is equally fond of the furry creatures and, when the multi-billion dollar organisation moved out the iconic Mumbai office last November, the building reportedly housed six strays. Employees had also organised for the long-term canine residents to be vaccinated and given weekly baths. However, the dogs did not have a designated area within Bombay House to call their own until the special canine room was added.

A photo of the room posted and shared by Mumbai-based NGO Save Our Strays on Facebook soon went viral. The room is on the ground floor of the Bombay House and will serve as a kennel for strays where they will be provided food and water. With vibrant, colourful interiors, the room features a mural of cartoon dogs on the wall and seems to house an absolutely adorable doggy play-set. This is indeed a sweet and much-needed respite for our furry friends and an act of kindness that will go a long way.

Feature Image Courtesy: Save Our Strays

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