Glamping: Top 3 Luxury Camps In Ladakh You Can Visit This Year

Glamping: Top 3 Luxury Camps In Ladakh You Can Visit This Year
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Popularly known as ‘Little Tibet’, the now Union Territory of Ladakh constitutes a barren landscape with very less vegetation and and a terrain that offers an other-worldly experience to say the least. One often feels that due to its harsh climate and rugged terrain, there isn’t too much to be done at Ladakh. But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Mehma Tibb, who goes by the name @theunconsciouswanderer briefs you on the things that should be in your bucket list while visiting Ladakh. Even though camping is an activity that we associate with hardships and a lot of privation, it doesn’t need to be. That’s where comes in ‘glamping’ and guess what, it is one of the most delightful experiences that you can look for in Ladakh.

Here’s a well-compiled list by Mehma Tibb for ‘glamping’ in Ladakh!

You can read more about her travels here.

I. Chamba Camp, Thiksey

The Chamba Camp, Thiksey Top of the line, uber luxury, glamping glamour! Heated tents with Persian rugs, four poster beds, jasmine scented toiletries, beautiful chandeliers & 24/7 butler service... you get the gist! They have 14 tents with private decks overlooking the Thiksey monastery! The food is excellent and everything is farm-grown at the property itself. They maintain a gorgeous dining room tent and also provide private dining in several idyllic settings around the property, like under the willow tree and near the three different water bodies! They offer activities such as Polo, Rafting, Trekking, and Archery amongst others.

For bookings contact @tutcindia

II. Indus River Camp

This is a 45 acre natural sanctuary on the banks of the Indus River, in the village of Chuchot which, surprisingly is only a 20-minute drive from the airport and yet, thankfully the only dwellings in sight are the beautiful monasteries! They have 7 luxury tents, cabins & cottages facing the Indus, where you can sleep to the sounds of the gushing river. They also boast of a well-equipped library and a beautiful telescope for star gazing at night alongside the bonfire. There’s a wide range of activities to choose from including rafting, trekking and landscape tours. You can also enjoy your days with some calm yoga sessions in these serene surroundings.

For bookings, contact @indusrivercamp.

III. Pangong Retreat Camp

It is the perfect campsite confronting the heavenly Pangong Tso lake in Spangmik Village. Set amidst one of nature’s most splendid landscapes, this place is a haven for adventurers across the globe. They have 25 beautiful tents which are carefully designed with all the modern conveniences & luxuries creating a relaxing and tranquil environment for the guests.

For bookings, contact @pangong_retreat_camp.

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