The Fable: Ram Reddy's Latest Film Unravels A Burning Ecological Mystery In The Himalayas

The Fable
The FableRaam Reddy

After the massive success of his first film Thithi (2016), which received international acclaim and a National Award, director Raam Reddy's second feature, The Fable, has achieved both critical praise and commercial triumph. The movie has earned more than 20 international awards and has secured global distribution rights with Netflix. This Indo-US co-production features a talented ensemble cast, including Manoj Bajpayee, Deepak Dobriyal, Priyanka Bose, newcomer Hiral Sidhu, child actor Awan Pookot, and a special appearance by Tillotama Shome.

On February 17th of this year, The Fable made its debut at the esteemed 74th Berlin International Film Festival to a full audience. The premiere was quickly sold out and received high praise from the viewers. 'The Fable' being chosen for 'Encounters' marks the second Indian film in 30 years to be featured in this significant competitive category at the Berlinale. 'Encounters' is a section that focuses on showcasing new and bold cinematic creations, with the goal of promoting innovative works from independent filmmakers.

Makers of 'The Fable' at the Berlin International Film Festival
Makers of 'The Fable' at the Berlin International Film FestivalLoudspeaker Media

The year is 1989. It’s springtime. Dev, portrayed by Manoj Bajpayee, is a mild-mannered man who owns a large expanse of fruit orchards in the Indian Himalayas. He resides with his family in a grand colonial bungalow situated high up in the mountains, where the clouds are so low that even birds fly cautiously. He dedicates much of his time to constructing life-sized bird wings, which he uses to soar over the orchards for a brisk morning flight. One day, while strolling through his property, he encounters a solitary apple tree mysteriously charred. In the following days, he uncovers more scorched trees, leading to suspicion falling upon the orchard workers and a group of contemplative nomads. As tensions rise, a corrupt sheriff becomes involved, and loyal men stand guard in the orchards to prevent further fires.

Despite all attempts, a huge fire breaks out a week later, consuming an entire mountainside of the orchard. Seeking answers, Dev resorts to both action and contemplation. The gradual destruction of the orchards compels Dev to confront the reality of his complacent existence, ultimately prompting him to recognize his true self and his family.

The Fable
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Intriguing, introspective and hard-hitting. These are the adjectives that spring to mind when one looks at the film. The cinematography, in particular, is astounding, with an overall warm colour palette. It was shot on 16mm film in the picturesque landscape of Uttarakhand and everyone from the veterans to the new actors, have done justice to their roles. The film’s script also artfully explores complex socio-political issues like labor, class, environmental consciousness, and privilege.


Production: Prspctvs Production, in partnership with Maxmedia,

Producer: Pratap Reddy and Sunmin Park

Cinematographer: Sunil Ramkrishna Borkar

Production Design: Juhi Agarwal

Screenwriter: Varun Grover

Casting Director: Tess Joseph and Gurpal Singh

Sound Designer: Nithin Lukose is responsible for the sound design

VFX Artist: Varun Ramanna

Until the film releases in India or on your favorite OTT, you can watch the trailer below.

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