Eight Organizations Promoting Voluntourism In The Most Picturesque Places Across India

Eight Organizations Promoting Voluntourism In The Most Picturesque Places Across India

Volunteer tourism, also known as voluntourism, is a type of travel where individuals participate in voluntary work while they are visiting a destination. This form of tourism typically involves travelers engaging in various projects or activities that aim to contribute to the local community or environment. Volunteer tourism can encompass a wide range of activities, including conservation work, community development projects, teaching programs, healthcare initiatives, and disaster relief efforts. If you’re looking to make a positive impact on new communities, while also gaining personal fulfillment and a culturally immersive experience, volunteer tourism is the ideal way.

Here is a list of some of the organizations you can volunteer at, located at some of the most picturesque places in India:

I. LHA, Dharamsala

LHA, Dharamsala
LHA, DharamsalaOne World 365

For over 20 years now, the LHA Charitable trust in Dharamsala has been working to better the life of Tibetan refugees seeking shelter in India as well as the local residents of Himachal Pradesh. The organization is committed to providing long-term rehabilitation facilities and educational opportunities to Tibetan refugees, as well preserve their traditions and culture. As a volunteer at Lha, you can participate in community work by applying to a range of positions: English teaching, social media monitoring, project coordination, Yoga teaching and more. Lha also provides you with a volunteer coordinator to help you find food and accommodation services. At Lha, you can experience the Tibetan culture first hand while also doing your part to uplift the community.

II. Kishkinda Trust, Karnataka

The Rural Crafts Program
The Rural Crafts ProgramKishkinda Trust

Located in the Anegundi Village near Hampi, Kushkundi Trust works for the enhancement of the people of the village by running programs that integrate heritage conservation with Crafts, Rural Tourism, Organic Farming, and other skills that benefit the community socially and financially. The trust welcomes volunteers to help out by designing products with women artisans, engage in agricultural activities, work towards tourism for Hampi, teach English etc. At the same time, you have the opportunity to live in the heart of Anegundi and experience life there. Find out more about the Anegundi village and the work done by the trust here.

III. ReefWatch, Andaman and Nicober Islands

ReefWatch, Andaman and Nicober Islands
ReefWatch, Andaman and Nicober IslandsReefwatch Marine Conservation

As large as the ocean is, she is not infinite, neither are her resources. ReefWatch in Port Blair in an non-profit organization that works to preserve the endangered marine life in the Indian ocean By volunteering with ReefWatch, you have the opportunity to work with the organization on their conversation program and rescuing endangered species like the coral reef. ReefWatch also works on developing technology to revive the growth of these species in the ocean. Check out how you can help here.

IV. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha Homestay
Orchha HomestayTripadvisor

While the Orchha homestay usually welcomes tourists who wish to step away – ‘far from the madding crowd’ – and experience the peaceful life of an Orchha resident, it also offers opportunities for students and volunteers who wish to contribute toward building a sustainable life for the residents of the village. You can contribute by teaching English, building community programs, working with health care, etc. Orchha welcomes you to share your expertise. Know more about how you can help here.

V. Rainforest Retreat, Karnataka

Rainforest Retreat, Karnataka
Rainforest Retreat, KarnatakaRainforest Retreat

The Rainforest Retreat at Mojo Plantations is a unique project that combines eco-tourism with sustainable agriculture and environmental education. Through extensive conservation and research, Rainforest Retreat looks at taking care of biodiversity and the rich wildlife of Madikeri, Karnataka. You can volunteer as an ‘intern’. Internship experiences enable you to experience life in rural India and gain valuable experience, learning about sustainable livelihoods, organic agriculture, eco-tourism and our complex raining eco-systems. Based on your background and interests, you can work for the organization – in exchange for free accommodation and meals! Check it out here.

VI. Sadhana Forest, Auroville

Sadhana Forest, Auroville
Sadhana Forest, AurovilleRushabh Mehta - Medium

Sadhana Forest stands as a transformative ecological endeavor, centering on reforestation, water conservation, and sustainable lifestyles. Through initiatives such as water retention and indigenous plant restoration, it empowers local rural communities, reducing urban migration by enabling them to cultivate their own food. Environmental education, particularly aimed at children and young adults, is a cornerstone, fostering a collective commitment to ecological responsibility and sustainable living. Volunteers have the opportunity to engage in ecological restoration and sustainable, vegan community living, while also assisting with daily community tasks and caring for rescued cows in the vegan animal sanctuary. Living amidst the forest in an off-grid, low-waste campus offers a unique experience. A minimum commitment of four nights is required, with volunteers asked to contribute INR 600 per day to cover the expenses of food and biodegradable.

Mail them at india@sadhanaforest.org

VII. Sambhali Trust, Rajasthan

Sambhali Trust, Rajasthan
Sambhali Trust, RajasthanSambhali Trust

Established in 2007, Sambhali Trust empowers Rajasthani women through education, traditional skill training, and support for issues like domestic violence and human rights. Volunteers can teach at education centers, provide administrative support, assist survivors of gender-based violence, or work at the sewing center. Ideal volunteers commit to a minimum of two months, possess English proficiency, and show flexibility in activities. Patience, understanding, and prior teaching or crafting experience are valued, with a background in psychology or counseling required for specific projects addressing sexual abuse and gender-based violence awareness.

Send your motivation letter to volunteer@sambhali.org.

VIII. Tieedi Forest Garden, Darjeeling

Tieedi Forest Garden, Darjeeling
Tieedi Forest Garden, DarjeelingLBB

Tieedi Forest Garden, nestled in Darjeeling, offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to immerse themselves in regenerative travel and living. Since 2016, Tieedi has been at the forefront of environmental conservation, specializing in permaculture and experiential environmental education. Their focus spans natural farming, waste management, sustainable land and building design, and regenerative tourism. Volunteers are invited to engage in diverse roles such as natural farming, Zero Waste Andolan Projects, waste management, upcycling, and local craft techniques, dedicating 6 hours daily with flexible durations. Additionally, Tieedi welcomes individuals with skills in guest or social media management. They seek passionate individuals committed to zero waste and sustainable living, particularly encouraging artists, craftsmen, and experienced permaculture designers to contribute. The volunteering fee varies based on duration, ranging from INR 750/day for up to 2 weeks to INR 400/day for stays exceeding a month, with an advance deposit required for stays longer than two weeks.

Mail them at tieediforestgarden@gmail.com.

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