Find Comfort In Your Own Body With The #WearTheDamnShorts Campaign

Find Comfort In Your Own Body With The #WearTheDamnShorts Campaign

As conversations around body positivity and self love are further explored on social media platforms, many are awaiting real structural change in the spaces where issues of body image have often been exploited. Feeling comfortable in our bodies is a journey and the road can be complicated and difficult. It is vital for industries like fashion to also evolve in order to become an inclusive space for all.

This is where brands like Reistor are paving the way by crafting collections in accordance to the Indian woman in different forms, shapes and sizes. Started in 2021, the brand attempts to create an ecosystem that is sustainable and fashion-forward. The goal is to create an all-natural culture that embraces one’s finest self in harmony with nature.

Reistor’s recent campaigns #WearTheDamnShorts is described as all about loving yourself and the skin you’re in. It’s a representation of taking risks, doing what you’ve been dreaming of, and overcoming the obstacles you think are holding you back. They wish to empower every woman to claim fashion as a space where she belongs.

“Reistor is all about feeling completely yourself and loving the skin you’re in, so whether you choose to wear the shorts or not is irrelevant. The hope is that you use this as an opportunity to maybe take that risk or do that thing you’ve been dreaming of”. 

— Mehma Singh, Co-Founder of Reistor

Introducing their latest drop of eco-friendly denim shorts as part of their #DenimReistored collection. Through this product, they not only want to represent women truly embracing themselves but also their journey of self-love and body positivity in the most candid way. The comfort and style of the shorts go hand in hand as they complement every body in its natural state.

Beyond body positivity the brand also hopes to revolutionise fashion by providing conscious choices to their own customers. Their vision is to make clothing that is not limited by time, season, or boundaries. Reistor was created as a result of recognising the compelling need to inspire one to make ‘ethical consumption of fashion’ a part of their everyday life.

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