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World Cup Fever: IAMRISHA Picks The Best Of Brazil's Underground Music Artists

[Editor’s Note: Global underground DJ and Radio Broadcaster IAMRISHA has partnered with the Brazilian embassy in India to bring a 5 part Brazil music series as part of her weekly radio show 'A Worldwide Thing' on Radio79. The aim of the series is to dig deeper into Brazilian sounds and culture showcasing classic, rare and fresh productions coming out of and inspired by Brazil. To tie in with she gives us a low-down on Brazil’s Underground Music Artists. You don’t want to miss this.]

As we continue to turn our attention to the beautiful country of Brazil, hosts to this year’s World Cup, it would feel incomplete to not talk about their rich musical landscape, which has actually wielded a fair amount of influence on the game. ‘Ginga’ is that Brazilian flair, that ‘je ne sais quoi,’ it’s the way they move their body from side to side as they effortlessly play football with such skill and rhythm. And this flair stems from the Afro-Brazilian music of their nation, which is an integral part of everyday life with the sounds of Samba, Bossa Nova and mesh of other styles.
These new styles are part of Brazil’s underground music scene, which are innovative, fresh and making an impact worldwide. In fact, Indian and Brazilian youth cultures are not as many worlds apart as it may seem; they share urban cultures that have risen out of comparable social structures. In the hope of inspiring, I’ll be showcasing a few Brazilian underground artists who are bringing something special to the scene.

I. Psilosamples

The brainchild of Mineiro Zé Rolê who was born in the small town of Pouso Alegre, the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais. A small town that often doesn’t receive cellphone service yet technology is an integral style in his productions. He fuses Brazilian folk ‘forros’ with electronic and hip-hop beats, creating an organic cross-pollination of sounds that remain both inventive and warm.

II. Wladimir Glasper

Confident beat maker, instrumentalist and producer. The way he materializes music into different forms through incredible live performances is what makes him particularly anomalous.

III. Leo Justi

Baile Funk is a style derived from Miami Bass and has recently taken the world by storm thanks to labels like Mann Recordings, Mad Decent and artists like M.I.A and Diplo. Leo Justi has taken the style further with ‘heavy baile’ productions. A style influenced by global bass that’s a product of this new ‘global jukebox’ which is influenced by UK dnb, Detroit Ghettotech and Baltimore club.

IV. Orquestra Imperial

Brazil’s big band! They formed in 2002 with the aim of recreating the Gafeira samba sound, which involves paired samba partners. The group is a combination of the new Carioca pop scene and the more experienced names such as Wilson das Neves. Even Baile Funk’s original, DJ Marlboro is part of the group. This is a slick remix from producer iZem:

V. Dom La Lena

I saw her recently in London supporting Brazilian legend Ed Motta and she really is a nouvelle chanteuse. Her voice is intimate, like that of the delicate Bossa Nova and she’s a fine Celloist too.

VI. Karol Conka

Brazil’s first lady of hip-hop right now, she’s bold, raps tight lyrics and stays true to her traditions with her socially conscious messages and strong percussive beats.
Karol Conka, Leo Justi and Psilosamples feature on ‘Brazil Now’ a music episode that looks at the freshest sounds inspired by Brazil. This episode is part of a Brazil Series in collaboration with the Brazilian embassy in India and London-labels Mr.Bongo and FarOut – originators in bringing the sound to the world.

You can stream the show in its entirety right here.

Words: Amrisha Prashar

[For more on the series and global underground sounds, catch DJ and Broadcaster IAMRISHA here.]

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