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In The Eye Of The Beholder: 5 Bangalore-Based Designers You Should Know

Having lived in Bangalore for a few years now, I have managed to sift through the small and extremely talented pool of designers to bring you five of my favourites. Tucked away in the corners of our garden city, these designers have consistently been pushing the boundaries to create their own unique spaces outside the regular pockets. Over the years, I've played the role of innocent bystander watching in admiration as they have come into their own, creating some of the most interesting Indian fashion/accessories I have ever seen.
I. Hidden harmony
Quite literally hidden away in the far reaches of Bangalore city 'The Grasshopper' is a shop that will never fail to delight you. Hovering just above the tree line, the gallery appears as an urban warehouse lending its space to a fantastic collection of Indian designers.Their inhouse brand 'Hidden Harmony' is what I truly want to focus on though.
Working with a beautiful range of earthy colours and natural fabrics, designer Sonali Sattar brings out clothing that is timeless. Her eclectic cuts and asymmetrical lines make for some of the most interesting clothing you will ever own.
Hidden Harmony is located at Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road.
II. Small Shop
Smallshop is a collaborative undertaking between two designers, Anshu and Jason. Walking into their store at 'The Raintree' is like walking into wonderland. The luxurious fabrics and vibrant colours make you want to touch and try on everything.Hand crafted and draped to perfection, the clothes fall beautifully, accentuating parts of your silhouette that you would never dream of. Everyone needs a little magic in their closets and Smallshop does exactly that.
The Smallshop is located at Raintree opposite the Windsor Manor.
III. Plantation house
Working with values that flow through seasons and styles, the Plantation House presents clothing that redefines attention to material craftsmanship and practicality. The first thing that strikes you are the elegant lines and beautiful selection of natural dyed fabric.Some of Designer Shalini Subramanian’s inspiration draws from the Kimono, Ella Fitzgerald, Tadao Ando and long Sunday afternoons. Her identity strives to achieve elegance. Something that isn’t generic high fashion but a style that is inclusive and approachable. The stores itself goes beyond just the clothes by hosting work by young artists and live gigs.
The Plantation House store is located in the Leela Palace Hotel on Old Airport Road.
IV. Kris
While he doesn’t have his own store you can find Kris (Krishna murthy) bags in most design collectives across India. Working with a traditional saddle making technique his bags are completely handcrafted giving each one a distinct look. Funky, beautiful and incredibly well made a Kris bag is something you will cherish for years to come.You can find Kris bags at: Basava ambara, hidden harmony and Raintree (Bangalore), Pink Gold Delhi, Amethyst Chennai, Zoya and Attic Bombay. Barefoot Goa, Joey Ikaretch Cochin.
Designers Anuradha nagarkatte-brocks and Achim brocks quit their jobs as designers for Tanishq to start a small jewellery workshop in her fathers garage. Driven by a passion for clean design and the love of silver ICE has been creating beautifully crafted minimalist creations since 1997.Constantly pushing the boundaries, they now incorporate materials like teflon and rubber into their creations making them modern, stylish and extremely striking works of art.
ICE can be found in the Plantation House store at the Leela Palace Hotel and in Amethyst Chennai.
To view more products from all these designers click on the gallery below:
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Words: Mana Dhanraj Image Credit: Sourced from the designers

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