New Vegan 'Spalon' In Pune Proves That Our Beauty Industry Can Be Cruelty-Free

New Vegan 'Spalon' In Pune Proves That Our Beauty Industry Can Be Cruelty-Free

Kaveeta Pol always believed in cruelty-free living. Eco-conscious and a staunch vegetarian, Pol has worked in the beauty industry for close to 10 years now, and after spending a long time working with chemical-infused, animal tested products, she decided it was time for a change.

“I want people to know they can still look beautiful without using products with harsh chemicals that have been tested on animals. After doing a lot of research, I realised that either people don’t have an alternative or they don’t want to try hard enough to find organic and vegan products,” she says. With this thought in mind, Pol is now set to open ‘Orrganic Elemennt’ in Pune, a vegan and organic spa-lon that will use only cruelty and chemical-free products.

“After studying hundreds of brands, I shortlisted products from four international companies to be used in the spalon that are PETA and organic certified. I want to create a platform for people to have easy access to such products and facilities.

People assume that such items are very expensive to use. It definitely is more expensive than the mainstream products, but in India where you can’t grow certain required crops, it becomes necessary to import them, which is why costs go up.” shares Kaveeta.

Since her products are sourced from international companies abroad, where the necessary crops are available, they aren’t as expensive. “I want to provide my clients with the best possible products and services,” she adds.

Products used at Kaveeta's salon
Products used at Kaveeta's salon

Based in Pune, with future plans to expand, Orrganic Elemennt offers everything from facials and body scrubs to vegan wraps, manicure and pedicures. “People in India have started living a green and organic lifestyle. They eat clean and live healthy lives but many don’t realise that the chemicals from these products often just set in your body, they don’t flush out. I want to spread awareness to go organic and vegan in this avenue as well, and it is possible.”

Kaveeta explains that here’s a thin line between natural products used in Ayurveda and organic ones. In things that are organic, every crop that is grown is left to grow naturally in due time, and no fertilisers are used. “In natural products, it’s just an extract from the crops, in several situations fertilisers and pesticides are still used,” says Kaveeta.

“Although, for organic products the shelf life is shorter,” she adds. Orrganic Elemennt has already generated an eager and interested clientele through social media engagements, and they continue to spread awareness regarding the advantages of organic, vegan products and services.

Words: Sara Hussain 

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