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Artist Creates Aesthetic Murals To Depict Environmental Problems

Environmental degradation is a very real problem, and convincing people about it is proving to be a daunting and frustrating task for scientists and activists. In spite of the evident climatic changes that are deeply affecting our lives, twenty percent of the population is completely against the notion that they could be possible contributors to this global issue. This problem is not just affecting mankind but is gravely impacting flora and fauna as well. According to reports, humans kill 27 million animals daily for consumption (excluding sea life), and we’re also responsible for water and air pollution and over fishing. Another alarming issue is loss of habitat, as WWF Global reports suggest, the world’s forests, swamps, lakes and other habitats are disappearing as they are being used for human consumption, including agriculture, housing, pipelines and other industrial purposes. Without a backup plan for rehabilitating these animals, habitat and species loss is going to be an inevitable problem.

According to Bill Chameides’s scientific studies, solid information and facts don’t seem to affect human beings. Rather, less objective or visual representation of facts seems to appeal more to the masses. A preacher of the same ideals, Arthur Bardolo or Bardolo II, as he refers to himself, is a Portuguese street artist and a propagator of change, who through elaborate murals across the city has highlighted issues such as waste production, unused materials, pollution, and the effect these have on our planet and its animals. ‘End of life’ materials such as damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tyres and appliances were used sourced from wastelands, factories and companies going through recycling processes. Camouflaging the murals with nature was his way of depicting our ignorant habits towards the environment. Some murals were also recreated animals with waste materials that have caused them to suffer.

Along with creating widespread awareness with his art work he has also successfully added a splash of color to the lanes of Lisbon.

Check out the entire series on his website

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