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JURU Yoga's Eco Friendly Mats Are What Your Practice Needs

The first step of a Yogi’s journey is the one taken from the Earth, onto the mat. The mat is the physical space within which you enter and immerse yourself into your practice. The essence of yoga is mindfulness and conscientiousness, and we decided it was time to find yoga mats in India that shared that very fundamental belief - and allowed for synchronisation. From all the research that we did, we found that JURU makes products that are exactly what we were looking for - mindful, natural and beautifully designed products that lend your practice so much more meaning.

JURU Yoga is an eco-conscious, made-in-India yoga brand started by yogis who have invested time and resources to understand modern yoga needs. It is one that epitomizes comfort, quality, style and consciousness. The birth of JURU stemmed from a common problem faced by most people practicing yoga - “that is to find a mat that you can trust, a mat that will not let your sweaty feet and palms slip, a mat that can withstand years of practice and provides a comfortable surface to enhance alignment, explore the asana and find balance.” More importantly, Puja Borker (founder of JURU Yoga) was in search of a mat that established a harmonious relationship with nature. Inspired by the works of many international yoga brands and the Make In India campaign, JURU Yoga was born.

The very first mat made by JURU was from a combination of jute and natural rubber, waving PVC mats goodbye! Today, you have a wide selection of products to choose from - each still holding the core principle at heart. JURU has two main types of mats - the Mandala Cork Mat and Shakti Cork Mat. Both mats are made of a cork surface, which is anti-microbial and naturally kills odors, bacteria and germs.It is anti-slip and remains odorless, no matter how much you sweat and it doesn’t chip off and break. The mat doesn’t get stuck despite how much you may sweat, and can be easily washed. PVC-Free resources make JURU Mandala Cork Mat non-toxic, strong, environmental friendly, renewable & recyclable - this is really the best feature! No trees were harmed in the collection of the cork as just the bark is stripped to harvest the cork and the tree continues to live. The trees can live for as long as 300 years.

If you’re one to sweat bucket fulls, the Mandala Mat is best suited for you. The cork is designed to absorb sweat - keeping you firm and steady on your mat. This is priced at INR 2500. The Shakti Cork mat has a sand-like surface and is designed for convenience and style. It is lighter and preferred by practitioners who carry their own mats. The new look of the mats can be easily maintained by rubbing sandpaper on the mat to further smoothen the surface and give it a new finish. It is priced at INR 2,700.

To buy these mats or look at their complete range of products, click here.

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