Grow Your Own Garden – This Eco Journal’s Paper Is Infused With Seeds

Grow Your Own Garden – This Eco Journal’s Paper Is Infused With Seeds
Mansi Shah

Whether you’re just testing out your green thumb, or you’re a vegetation veteran, this Eco Journal will be of interest to you. Not only does the journal help you document what you grow, but it allows you to grow plants from the colour coded paper! For example, the red sheet of paper will yield a tomato plant, green for basil, and yellow for capsicum. All you’ve got to do is rip up the sheet, disperse the torn paper in a pot with soil, and you’ve got yourself a baby plant in the making. This wonderful creation is one of the many environmentally friendly products offered by Mansi Shah’s Gift Green India. Gift Green also offers seed infused postcards and bookmarks.

Eco Postcards

Started up three months ago, these lovely journals infused with seeds are just one of the fun ways Mansi encourages people to experiment with cultivating a great hobby. You can reach out to Mansi over Facebook and Instagram, while her website is being developed, for plant delivery, workshops that teach children how they can grow their own food, as well as consultancy for growing plants. And don’t forget to bring home one of Mansi’s Modaks made of fertile earth and fresh seeds next Ganpati and see Lord Ganesha’s blessing grow green.

Eco Modak

And just because Mansi wants to cultivate a generation of plant growers here’s a some free consultation advice for those interested in growing, “I would suggest experimenting with simple plants like basil, tomato and capsicum, for the weather we have in Bombay as opposed to difficult herbs”. Mansi’s main concern is that when people are new to planting and gardening they often try to grow difficult herbs, which results in many people becoming disheartened when the plant dies or refuses to even reach out of the pot’s soil. However, Mansi is always happy to customise her Eco Journals for the more experienced planter, which could lead to a fun collection of Eco journals. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Mansi for advice about your plants and if you have little rugrats her workshop on growing your own food might make them see their veggies in a whole new light.

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