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This Indian Village Is Making Jeans Out Of Banana Fibre!

Things getting a little stuffy in those jeans? Slide into a pair of banana fibre jeans and liberate those sweaty legs!

Anakaputhur, a weavers’ village located on the outer fringes of Chennai, has been working tirelessly to keep their weaving tradition alive. One of their strategies is to produce products that cater to the modern consumer, hence the recently released banana fibre jeans. These babies made from cotton and banana fibre not only have the look and feel of denim, but are eco-friendly (dyed naturally and use coconut shells instead of metal buttons).

Moreover, this innovative material is designed to absorb more water, so not more sweltering in the nether regions. The products offered by the Jute Weavers Association are available in pant and skirt styles. The association also reportedly offers sarees in 25 different styles, so you can drape yourself in bevy of breezy blouses these hot months. If we could suggest anything to the talented weavers of Anakaputhur – Disco Stu banana yellow bell-bottoms!

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