This Crowdsourced List Of Non-Judgemental Gynaecs In India Is Just What You Need

This Crowdsourced List Of Non-Judgemental Gynaecs In India Is Just What You Need
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In 2015, Amba Azaad put out a call on Twitter to crowd-source a list of gynaecologists across the country that “we can trust” - doctors who don’t view female sexuality through a moral lens; ones who are objective and rational, and more importantly, don’t shame and guilt women to a point where they never return to a gynaecologist again, out of fear of judgement. And boy, was Amba successful.

Turns out Amba and her team weren’t the only ones looking for non-judgemental gynaecs. In fact, it is people across the country, if not the world, who are in a constant hunt.

“Finding doctors who are on our side is hard enough, and when it comes to something as intimate as our internal plumbing, it’s even more difficult.We need gynaes who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make. We need doctors who know that not all people want their uterus, and that not all people with uteri are women. We need medical expertise devoid of moral judgements regarding how we use our bodies,” write Amba and her team for the opening of their extremely successful initiative.

Thanks to their hard work, and that of all the hundreds of contributors from various places, we have a comprehensive directory of gynaecologists across the country.

You can view the directory HERE, and even contribute by recommending doctors whom you think deserves a spot on this list by filling out the survey.

Go shower Amba and her team, Richa, Pavithra and Manish with appreciation and love!

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