This Delhi College Employs Afghan Refugees To Make Edible Utensils

Edible Bowls Made By Patradya
Edible Bowls Made By Patradya Patradya

Ever wondered how much plastic you use everyday? How much of it is recycled and what happens to the waste? According to this report three million tons of plastic is produced each year globally, of which only 10% of plastic gets recycled while eight million of it ends up in the sea. Yes, the planet is being grossly destroyed in a plastic apocalypse and every small initiative to reduce plastic consumption is of value.

Patradya; a Delhi-based project by the The Enactus Group which comprises of students from the Kirori Mal College (KMC) produce edible utensils in an effort towards a plastic free world. Enactus is a non-profit organisation that looks out for a community afflicted with poverty, unemployment or social exclusion and builds a business model around the skill set of that particular community.

According to Patradya’s website their biodegradable bowls are made by a community of Afghane refugee women settled in the Bhogul District of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. These edible bowls are made using multi-grain victuals like ragi, millet, wheat; they also come in chocolate flavour! Their edible bowls are priced at five to eight rupees per piece and can be ordered here. The proceeds of the project go to the makers: the Afghane women and serves as a way of financially empowering them.

Image Credit: Project Patradya

As reported by Your Story these edible utensils can be eaten along with the food or buried in the soil, where it decomposes within two weeks. The shelf life of the cutlery is 15 days and has been certified as safe for consumption. It is estimated that the project will take three years to reach a stage where the women will be able to handle the entire enterprise independently. The team raised funds through CSR activities, selling products at corporate events, and recyclable waste collection drives.

To donate to Project Patradya and help this cause click here.

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