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Model Shamita Singha’s Account Of Her Afternoon With Gaddafi

Some men cast shadows that loom well after they’re dead and gone, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi definitely and for many reasons falls within this ambit. Although he wouldn’t be a top pick for many peoples’ fantasy tea parties, as fate would have it he can definitely host one.

During a visit to Libya for a Cultural Event at the Indian Consulate Shamita and her companions received a personal invitation from Gaddafi to his house, or more accurately, his bunker. Some were skeptical and declined but a few of them including Neha Dhupia, Katrina Kaif, Aditi Govitrikar, Anchal Kumar and Shamita Singha decided to embrace the opportunity.

She describes him as a generous host, unpretentiously dressed in khakis and rubber slippers, who poured their tea himself and talked passionately about his love for Indian culture. They were then invited to see the remains of his house which had been bombed by the US forces in Tripoli which he had preserved as best he could and though controversial, the scene was overwhelming.

Some aspects of his life surprised her and one incident in particular has stayed in her mind over the years such as his entourage and bodyguards being comprised almost entirely of women. He believed women were the more powerful sex, stronger than men and with their red nail polish and sub-machine guns, they definitely cut a deadly image though many have since questioned the true motives behind their presence. Before they left he presented each of them with a signed copy of his infamous Green Book which contains a outline of his political philosophy.

Through the ages Gaddafi’s image has been a roller coaster ride. From eccentric revolutionary to ruthless dictator to flamboyant womaniser, he’s conquered every role. This rare insight into the man behind the headlines, the man pouring tea over a pleasant afternoon conversation, this is a Gaddafi few people ever imagined possible. Through the haze of bloodshed and dissidence this group witnessed what we can only consider to be a moment of calm in the eye of a storm.

*Shamita has since removed the original Instagram post on the request of other people in her group. She stands by her memories and believes that since their visit 15 years ago predates many of the regretful atrocities Gaddafi inspired, they did not influence her experience that day.

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