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Mumbai - Sign Up Now To Feast At This Super Secret Supper

Here’s one secret you’re going to find hard to keep. First, because it’s about food. Second, let’s be honest, we’re all biologically inept at keeping a secret anyway. For those of you who can actually keep a secret, kudos to you, but trust us when we say this is one secret you’re going to want to talk about — IF you get shortlisted, that is. Savor is a gourmet experience company run by chefs whose main mission is to be the world’s first Michelin starred lunch box, besides curate events for those who truly take time to appreciate their food.

Kanu Gupta, the pioneer behind Savor, says the Secret Supper is targeted at those who want surprise and wonder in their food, as much as they do in their lives. “If you notice, all our Secret Supper invites don’t give away much. We simply hint at what the guests can expect.” After 94 dinners across the country, they’ve realised that their priority is to first find a charming location, build on a theme and maintain some level of secrecy. “A lot of us overlook the charm and beauty of Mumbai. We aren’t hosting it at fancy venues, we’re looking at the heritage of the city we live and work in — we’ve held suppers on fishing boats, in bookstores and in art galleries.”

As amiable as Kanu was, he gave little up about the secret supper they’re hosting on August 19. “To be fair, we’ve given several hints actually. Most people know we focus on the heritage of the place and develop a theme,” he laughs. While it is risky signing up for an experience that you know the bare minimum of — therein lies the thrill of it all. As he so eloquently put it on his website, “To me people matter more than things, and experiences matter more than anything.” Their Secret Suppers revolve around more than just food; every individual’s story is a part of this event.

In fact, when you register, your response factors in when they decide on their final list of bookings. “It’s interesting to see what people have to say! It’s like a fun little game. Plus, since we don’t do large booking (they take in a maximum of three people per booking), it helps us choose people. We give a preference to people who’ve never come before though, since we focus on creating new experiences for everyone there.”

“The current food movement going on doesn’t show enough appreciation towards our own cuisine, which is what we want to change,” he continues. While secret clubs are annoying to get into, this supper club is worth every bit of the effort. More so since you’re discovering more about this grand city’s heritage through its food and people! We can promise that the host of this upcoming secret supper has ancestors who played a key role in the shaping of India’s chaotic network. Here’s to a history lesson like no other — and who knows? Maybe we’ll see you there.

If you’re interested in signing up for this Secret Supper, click here. For more information on Savour, visit their website here or follow them on Facebook.

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