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The Mumbai Choir That Fights For LGBTQ Rights Through Song

Raising awareness about the lack of rights for the LGBTQ community and Section 377 in India is ideally done through your standard protests, marches or even viral posts on social media. Cue Rainbow Voices, a choir that aims to shake up India with their voices. Founded in 2014 by Vinodh Philip and Sibi Mathen, they sing everything that falls between classical music to modern music.

The choir tries to garner more support towards the LGBTQ community in India as well as overthrow Section 377. In a video by Gay Star News, one of the members of the choir, Anish Pandya echoes this sentiment when he says, “Through our music, we want to generate a revolution that will keep the hope alive for equality and justice in India.” Rainbow Voices began to garner more attention when they were invited to perform at Pride In London by Pink Singers, Europe’s LGBT+ choir.

Manasi Manoj, another member of the choir said, “This space, as a bisexual women is a safe space for me. When we’re singing, it’s the only moment we only feel ourselves.” The group is open to anyone who wishes to audition, as long as they have some form of musical talent — whether it is singing or playing an instrument.

Find more information about the choir, auditions and events here.

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