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Garbage Dump Is Transformed Into A New Dog Park In Bangalore

As the human of 1-year-old Golden Retriever, I can well relate to the troubles of taking it on a walk. Clutching to the leash tightly so that they do not run into speeding cars or sniff random strangers walking on the crowded streets – half of them who would jump a foot behind just at the sight of these adorable creatures. It’s sad having to control them all the time, when all you want is to see them run freely, play fetch, be cute and silly. Fortunately, Bangalore has figured out a way to please the canines and their humans. SAn illegal garbage dump, opposite the CPWD Housing Colony near HAL Airport Road has just been converted into a dog park!

The effort to create the pet-friendly Domlur Dog Park can be credited to the Ugly Indian and the pet-loving community of Domlur and Indira Nagar. The 6,000-square-feet of land belonged to the BBMP and had been fallow for the last five years; it soon become an illegal dumping ground. “Since the land wasn’t being put to use, it was a very good idea by the residents to convert it. The community is large and parks like these are few, it was essential for us to support it,” the Deccan Chronicle quoted Lakshminarayan, the local corporator.

“There are plenty of parks for humans, but none for dogs in the city. Even Cubbon park only allows dogs over the weekend and that too in a restricted area. We wanted to give dog parents a space where they could run free. Before we made the park, the stench was unbearable and it took two days and four truck loads to clear the rotting garbage. I combed through the area for broken glass pieces and we got mud to even out the bumpy land. It is now open to all,” a resident told the Chronicle.

A ‘poop pit’ has been created for the dog parents to place the scooped poop in, managed by mud to cut out smells and eventually create manure for the park. The maintenance of the park will be looked after by the pet parents themselves. So whether you’re a pet parent or just in severe need of some animal energy and happen to be in the area, head on over to Domlur Dog Park for some belly rubs and face licks!

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