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This Art Project Is Busting Gender Bias Through The Voice Of ‘Auntijis’

While we are riding on the fourth wave of feminism and the call for gender equality is stronger than ever before, the battle for the brown woman who wishes to live life on her own terms is still a tough one.

When Instagram opened the “36 Days Of Type” challenge, 22-year-old artist Aarushi Jain created her project-‘The A-Z Of Indian Aunties’ a series of illustrations that “attempts to talk of the various ways in which patriarchy, gender roles and conventional beauty standards” shape the lives of Indian women. Each of Jain’s scathingly satirical 26 graphics, incorporate a letter of the English alphabet, while the caption below presents the voice of the quintessential Indian aunty; at her obnoxiously judgemental best. For Jain the project has been a personal one. Each design was made after considering a pertinent issue affecting Indian women and the solution given in the form of crippling advice that she and many other Indian women had grown up hearing. Art in the form of protest has always been a powerful tool of dissent and this project proves just that.

Below are some of our favourite illustrations from Jain’s “The A-Z Of Indian Aunties”.


"Sh shh. Bra strap dikh raha haii, Sh shh. The bra strap is showing."


"Cigarette peete ho? Ladki hokar?, You smoke cigarettes? But you’re a girl!"


"Lekin dekho, hamesha husband jo allow kare wahi karna haan, But look, always do only what your husband allows you to do."


"Itna loud make-up karke na, ladkiya utni decent nahi lagti, Girls who wear loud make-up don’t really look that decent, you know."


"Ye time haii ladkiyo ke ghar aane ka?", Is this a time for girls to come home?"

To view the entire series click here or follow the artist on Instagram.

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