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Take A Dip With Your Pets At These 7 Pools Around India

As the human of a year-old Golden Retriever, one of my burning desires has been to take him for a swim where we could carelessly splash around, beat the heat and lose a couple of kilos in the process. But India hasn’t always been as pet-friendly and open when it comes to pets in public spaces, and I never managed to find a nice, clean and safe facility where I could take my pup for a dip. Most dogs love to swim but rarely get a chance to. However, while there are many dog camps that organize swims in lakes, ponds and rivers, exclusive doggie pools still seems to be an unfamiliar concept in many parts of India. Thus, many dog cafes and wellness centers that have recently sprung up across the country have taken it upon themselves to offer the facility of swimming pools to the dogs where they can be off the leash and take the plunge with or without their human.

Here’s a list.

I. Doggie Dog World

Pet Wellness Centre Doggie Dog World not only offers fun sessions where your pet can have a swim, splash around and play with toys in the pool but also swimming exercise regimes to ensure a healthy and fit lifestyle. Prior to swimming, the dog must be certified by a qualified veterinary. By taking into account the age, medical history, weight, movement and general health, they ensure the best care for your pet. This profile helps to design an exercise programme which enables to measure improvement and is assisted with buoyancy aids, life jackets, toys and lots and lots of encouragement. Their pool is 5 feet wide and 12.4 feet long with jets to increase resistance and is also UV sterilised, chlorine free, constantly filtered and tested 3 times daily to ensure that it is perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. The water is heated to a therapeutic 28-30 degrees Celsius helping to relax muscles and relieve stiffness in the joints. Surrounding the pool is a non-slip ramp, angled at a gentle slope, which allows your dog to enter the water effortlessly, assisted at all times by the trainer. The swim is followed by a complimentary wash and dry to ensure that every dog goes home clean.The price ranges from INR 800-1500 depending on the breed and the size of the dog.

Doggie Dog World, Mumbai. Image Source: LBB, Mumbai
Doggie Dog World, Mumbai. Image Source: LBB, Mumbai

II. Kuhu’s Pet Paradise, Bangalore

A luxury pet resort, Kuhu’s Pet Paradise is an ideal place a weekend getaway with your dog(s). They have quite a big pool where your pets can take the plunge with Kuhu’s gigantic Great Dane, a handsome Saint Bernard and a very cute lab and then get fed, groomed and pampered later. Pets and their humans can even choose to camp at Kuhu’s Pet Paradise which is especially exciting during the resort’s event nights and camp sessions.

III. Elite K9 Club, Bangalore

Now here’s a club that goes a step beyond to make life all the more better for your furry friend.The first exclusive one of its kind human friendly canine club, Elite is a membership based health and fitness club for dogs and a networking place for the parent. Elite K9 has a pool which has an inclined depth of 3ft-5ft. Theirs is an advanced filtered king sized pool which has inbuilt chlorine dispensing meter unit to ensure the right amount of chlorine and pf level is achieved to make this first ever human and dog friendly pool. The club also hosts many pool parties where at any given point of time about 12 to 15 dogs with their human take dip. Opening soon is their grooming centre and canteen thereafter which the club will be exclusively for members. They are open from 8.30 am to 8 pm.

Elite K9.
Elite K9.

IV. Aaskar Pet Resort, Bangalore

The oldest and perhaps the most popular pet pool in Bangalore, Aaskar’s medium sized rectangular pool is where you can splash around with your furry pooch. The pool is safe, clean and regularly supervised and is situated besides a sprawling lawn where you can head to next after the frolic swim. Play fetch or see your dog run around, wild and free. The cost per session (around an hour) is INR 400.

V. Hotel For Dogs, Bangalore and Chennai

India’s premier dog boarding centre, Hotel For Dogs in Chennai and Bangalore have really cute pools that are situated amidst a sand pit where both humans and their pets can take a plunge and splash around. Their Bangalore pool 4 ft in depth and around 14 ft in diameter also offers hydrotherapy sessions for dogs with arthritis and other ailments. They also have a pickup and drop facility and really tight supervision. You and your furry friend can stay in the pool for as long as you want for only INR 300.

Their Chennai pool is slightly smaller and rectangular in shape and accessible over the weekends for INR 250. Their pool is really clean and safe as the eater if filled out on Saturday mornings. Hydrotherapy sessions are available with prior appointment.
Timings to access the pools are 6am-6pm.

VI. Off The Leash, Gurgaon

This really cool dog park and cafe completely lives up to its name by providing you and your pooch an amazing combination of both play and party. With huge lawns surrounding the pool and lots of treats and toys, this is one place that your pet wouldn’t want to leave. Post the swim, head to their lounge for a snack or a two and cozy up with your dog on their cute cane furniture. Off The Leash also organizes exciting pool parties for your pet’s furry friends. They charge an entry fee of INR 400 per dog. Their timings are 7am-11am and 5pm to 8pm. Off The Leash is closed on Mondays.

Image Source: Whats Hot, Delhi
Image Source: Whats Hot, Delhi

VII. Canine Elite, New Delhi

If you want to pamper your dogs with some 5 star services then Canine Elite is the place to be. A professional and specialized dog boarding, cattery and wellness center, Canine Elite has a really tiny, pond like pool for your pets, that is accessible over the weekends and private pool sessions that can be booked throughout the week. It is a great place to take your pups and younger dogs for a dip. Canine Elite also provides hydro therapy sessions with specialists and experts and also organizes really classy pool parties for your dog on its special day. The cost and timings depends on the facilities availed. Prior Appointment is recommended.

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