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India, Here’s Where You Can Buy Your First Customised Sneaker Box

Over the years, India has found itself embracing and championing many alternative sub-cultures that have become integral to our way of life. One of the most popular, and one that is very close to our hearts, is the epic rise of sneaker culture. Whether it was documenting the journey or shaping it ourselves, Homegrown believes that sneaker culture in all its raw, honest glory is here to stay. But when it comes to owning these wearable works of art, a whole new challenge arises, that of maintaining your kicks in an environment where everything seems poised to ruin them.

Concept store, Nova Starke has found the perfect way to address your concerns with their own line of customised sneaker boxes. These custom-painted fiber board boxes are similar to the Nice Box can hold up to 16 pairs of your favourite kicks and topped with vinyl logos of the brand of your choice. This is a must-have for all die hard sneaker collectors who are tired of looking for safe spots to protect their collection.

Nova Starke is dedicated to nurturing the sub-culture in India and their goal is to bridge the gap between technology, art and lifestyle. They’ve created a platform for streetwear enthusiasts and sneaker heads to purchase original goods at affordable prices. Tosheel Madavi, creator of Nova Starke believes that although the culture is still in its infancy in many ways there’s definitely a market for his products, “We are seeing more and more people investing their time and money into clothing that accurately represents themselves in terms of aesthetic identity and general values.” he says.

There is plenty of evidence that sneaker culture is on the rise with stand alone stores such as the Nike Kicks Lounge becoming commonplace as well as multibrand speciality destinations such as VegNonVeg that are bolstering the culture non only online but through their on-ground outlets. There’s always room for improvement of course and Tosheel has some ideas how to better integrate the culture into the Indian market “I think that generally speaking we’d like to see a greater variety of sneakers at affordable prices. Sellers should be more conscious about selling counterfeit goods which may make you a quick buck but over the long term causes trust issues in the marketplace.”

This is a culture that is still growing with us though, and as we change, it changes. The sudden wide prominence of sneakers as a part of people’s daily armour has to do with a shift from sneakers being solely for performance to being an integral part of our personal style. Standing true to the meaning of its name, these shoes have crept into the arena of style, functionality and a means through which one mobs through daily life. From being deemed unfit for formal occasions and nothing short of a violation against high-fashion, sneakers have made their way to every fashion week across the world today. In a way, they’ve become the ultimate tool used in the democratization of fashion. One that stands highly protected by a personal army of knights in shiny kicks, even right here in India.

Find out more about NovaStarke on their website and Instagram page.

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