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Head To This Himalayan Homestay For A Pet-Friendly Getaway

When it comes to luxury getaways there’s so much more out there than just your big name five-star hotels. And if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, then look no further than Himalaica in Nainital. The holiday home of Shalini and Uttam Dave, it has been painstakingly curated over the span of 13 years to be a haven for travellers looking for a beautiful getaway that has all the comforts of home.

Built mainly by local artisans the property has a character of its own and combines traditional style with modern amenities. Himalaica remains open year round and is a fully-functioning home, so when you join the family there’s a sense of warmth and belonging that no hotel chain could hope to replicate. There is also a small temple located under a large Oak tree on the property that is devoted to the Earth God, serving as a place of calm meditation. In the hosts’ own words, “We created this place to be, to pause and to reflect, to meditate, to remember and to forget, and to bring back the balance in our lives that is all too lost.”

We’ve saved the best news for last though, Himalaica is totally pet-friendly and even has a few cute critters on site. So instead of spending your vacation wondering whether your precious pooch is happy at a kennel, you can bring them with you. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy together like forest walks and treks, bird-watching or just exploring the garden with its wide variety of plants and blossoms. Himalaica is the perfect spot to curl up with a book and a steaming hot chai, enjoy the chilly weather and forget about the city life.

For more details and bookings check out their website.

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