Kannada To Be Offered As A Second Language In Australian Schools

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As an Indian language with its own unique script, Kannada often makes us wish we knew how to read and write it. The rules of grammar or even colloquial terms from the intriguing dialect are elusive to many of us. While we remain nonplussed about its basics, Kannada has surpassed geographical boundaries and reached Government schools in Melbourne, Australia. As reported by India Times, Kannada will now be made a part of the curriculum of the schools administered by the Victoria Government in Australia.

It all began when the Melbourne Kannada Sangha presented a proposal to the Victoria School of Languages (VSL), Melbourne, according to this report by The Better India. The proposal entailed a request to the VSL to introduce Kannada as an optional second language in government schools. Having received a nod for the same, these schools shall begin teaching it from this year to the students from class 12 that opt for it.

This initiative by the Melbourne Kannada Sangha shall definitely benefit the considerably large Kannadiga community living in Melbourne. The Indian Association in Australia is also making an effort towards the introduction of Telugu in these schools. Surely, these distinctive and diverse Indian languages are making their mark on the global map.

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