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Now Explore The Outer Space Through This New Feature Of Google Maps

We have all zoomed in and out of Google Earth, sometimes just to see our house on the surface of the planet! There is something fascinating in knowing that one’s whole world is just a faint outline when seen through a high resolution satellite image. To give us more such experiences Google Maps has just launched a new feature that lets you tour the great Milky Way Galaxy itself!

According to a report by Mashable India, this feature has incredibly high resolution images of the Earth’s moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and the International Space Station. According to Google’s blog post several million pictures received from space craft Cassini’s orbiting of Saturn and its many moons have also been added to the feature! Now, thanks to Google, faraway celestial bodies can now be viewed up close while sitting at your desktops! What’s more, as you zoom out of any picture, you get a view of the pitch-black space with its planets and planetary objects.

Some imperfections and errors, however, have been reported to be present. Along with mislabelled craters, their location too seems to be deviating by 180 degrees, according to this report by Mashable India. The Business Insider wrote that a lack of a search box under ‘Planets’ makes it slightly cumbersome to find any particular cosmic areas that have a special significance, such as the base station of Mars Pathfinder. Though all said and done the sharp images in this new and exciting feature are still a delight to look at!

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