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Start The Day Right With This New Range Of Whiskey-Infused Coffee

A sip of fresh coffee in the morning can become essential at times, after a long night of partying or a long night at the office. But sometimes coffee just won’t cut it and you need to turn to the stronger stuff. Jim Beam has heard your cries and presents their latest flavor - new whiskey-infused coffee, ranging in variety of sub-flavours including Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Honey, Signature Dark Roast and Bourbon Vanilla.

You can pick up single serve pods or 12 ounce bags containing caffeine with a unique brand of whiskey called ‘America’s Native Spirit’. But if fears of alcoholism are haunting you, no worries the coffee may taste like your favourite shooter but it’s entirely non-alcoholic. The roasters at Jim Beam have sensed the public’s demand for a liquor coffee before and created White - a Kahlua blend - and now they’re back and more determined than ever to make it big in the retail and private label solutions of the coffee sector.

During the release of the infamous Jim Beam’s caffeine, inquisitive minds enquired about the origins of the coffee, however minimum insight has been shared by the authorities. All we know for now is that Jim Beam has some exciting flavours for your taste buds, scaling between sugar, spice and everything nice (and a little squiffy).

Announced in the month of May, the coffee is expected to hit the shelves at the end of the year, just in time for our Christmas cheers and carol singing. With a hint of marshmallow, this can be your answer to happy highs during the month of joy without having to deal with the morning after. And for those brave hearts, here’s the best part, the whiskey and bourbon-infused coffees have been recently discovered to cure bourbon or whiskey encouraged hangovers as well!

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