Meet The Man Teaching Children How To Make Toys Out Of Coconut Leaves

Nowshid Parammal
Nowshid ParammalThe Hindu

Do you remember what it felt like to be young? As children, the world seems like a fairly easy place to live in and our aspirations seemed doable. From archeologists to doctors, policemen to astronauts — the world was ours. However, with age comes a sinking sense of reality and responsibility. Desk jobs were less rewarding mentally but meant stability. In an era where the rat race is at its peak, comes a refreshing change. Meet Nowshid Parammal, the man who left the corporate scene behind, all for his love of art and his hometown.

“Maybe it was the hectic life I was living. I am a graphic and ad designer by profession. My daily routine included waking up in the morning, heading straight for work, spending hours in traffic and then vice-versa. At the end of the day, money is rewarding and it helps you buy certain things, but that’s all. I felt there is a bigger purpose in life and I was not fulfilling it,” he said, in an article by EdexLive. When Nowshid moved from the Gulf and took up farming, he definitely turned some heads — more so when he took a coco-leaf making workshop in Kochi so he could teach kids about the art.

During his attempt to live sustainably, he also came across several revelations like how a person’s backyard could actually provide one with all the answers towards a better life as well as a more rooted perspective of how nature functions. This very concept was the main reason behind his coco-leaf making workshop because he knew if he could teach the children how to make their own toys, they wouldn’t need to keep purchasing new, expensive and environmentally hazardous ones from stores. From simple baskets and birds to whistles and fish, his workshops are open to all those who are interested. (It’s also how he manages to pay the bills while living a sustainable life, besides freelancing as a designer occasionally!) While we understand that not all of us have the means to up and quit the corporate life, we’re glad that those who can, are effectively contributing towards the greater good!

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