7 Design Studios Moulding The Future Of Furniture In India

7 Design Studios Moulding The Future Of Furniture In India
Moco Submit/ Josmo Studios

People work for years in the hopes of one day owning their own home, and when that day does arrive, why would you want to compromise on what you choose to fill this sacred space. India has plenty of noteworthy and reliable furniture brands and of course, the dreaded megastores churning out hundreds of thousands of seemingly identical products every day, but sometimes it takes that extra care to make a house truly feel like a home.

There are a few designers working within this space to provide a solution to this problem. Mapping out a path for innovate, individual pieces that will instantly give your interiors the boost they need. The sustainable material movement too, is definitely on the rise and many are choosing to accentuate great design with a clear conscience. We’ve rounded up a few of the best from lighting, furniture and lifestyle accessories, so that whether you’re kitting out your new place or just sprucing up for the holidays, you know where to be looking.

Based in Mumbai and Goa, Studio Josmo is all about transforming radical ideas into useable art. They combine artisanal technique with modern aesthetics to create designs that match the urban consumer. They pride themselves on unique handcrafted pieces that have unique identities and express traditional Indian crafts in a way that is still innovative and accessible. ]

Studio Wood is a collaborative design hub which houses everything from conceptualization to execution of comprehensive spaces. They provide design consultancy services for both residential and commercial projects. With varied expertise in the team,- ranging from an architect (Sahej Bhatia), interior designer (Navya Aggarwal) and product designer (Vrinda Mathur), they have a mix of good design enveloped with precise execution and an enhanced thought process. “Over the years, we have learnt that experiences are guided by the places we live in. So our design is not a derivative of the place but of the people who will inhabit it. Inspirations are often non-specific.”

The founding members offer a different skill set from the other. Sahej’s expertise in architecture and Navya’s proficiency in interiors makes them approach design from a larger and more global perspective. Whereas, Vrinda’s mastery of furniture design gives the team an insight into the details and thoroughness of smaller elements. Together, they make brainstorming process not just an exciting one but also a knowledgeable one.

Co-founded by Monica Echavarria Modak and Ritu Vij, Kayu Inspirations harnesses the seamless designs of nature to create interiors that are earthy and welcoming. They emphasise simplicity while drawing out elements of modern design playing on the innate features of the materials they use. Their pieces are hand-carved and organically shaped from natural woods like Suar and Teak, to best reflect their ethos of sustainable beauty. KAYU furniture and home decor accessories are simple, uncluttered yet rich one-of-a-kind pieces that have imbibed the soul of local Indonesian artisans. “We chose to put together tangible elements of nature; lending a soul with just a mere touch and design to create unique and welcoming interiors. The emphasis is on simple yet modern furniture playing with finishes enhanced by their beautiful grains and colour in its natural form, to the hilt.”

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar is the founder and creative director at studio HAUS, Pune; an interior and product design studio. Raised in Pune and Kodaikanal, he was surrounded by natural beauty, now a key aspect of his inspirations. With a strong focus on furniture design, Kunaal founded a prototyping workshop, inHAUS Worksmiths with long time friend, Tony Kordolia in 2015 and is currently producing designed furniture collections. “Creativity is always flowing within and around me therefore the approach is often different. It usually begins with a sketchbook and an ink pen. I have one around me at most times and I’m constantly doodling. I take a lot of inspiration from nature and travels, both of which I spend a healthy amount of time doing.”

Founded in 2009 Purple Turtles came onto the scene when the need for an innovative furnishing destination was at its peak. Their contemporary style and quality craftmanship are points they never compromise on. “We take pride in seeing our designs in your spaces. It gives us great joy.” Their collections are a combination of high end design and innovation that won’t break the bank. With a collection that’s constantly being updated every time you visit there’s a new treasure to be found.

A sustainably designed range of furniture based out of New Delhi. Aakriti Kumar was fascinated with the endless possibilities that wood as a material has to offer, a fire kindled by her time at Parsons. Her furniture uses reclaimed material, salvaged wood, non-toxic finishes, designed with an element of zero waste. Her conscious effort to reduce the environmental footprint of her creations had us in awe of her work. Given that wood is the central element around which her designs revolve, Aakriti’s designs are heavily inspired by nature; we see this in her Topographic coffee table inspired by terrace farming, and the accentuation of the natural patterns of the wood and it’s rings. For the most part, her design process takes her back and forth ideating through sketching and 3D modeling on the computer, while other designs occur to her by looking at the actual shape and curvature of the raw material.

VII. Spin

Dedicated to keeping up with the changing times, Spin believes in creating products that are as current as you are. Their designs complement the modern lifestyle and aim to redefine the way we live. Their edgy precise designs where metal and wood coexist in harmony are the benchmark for contemporary Indian design and their eclectic collection is a testament to the many years of testing, prototyping and designing that went into the creation of each individual piece.