Meet The Indian Company Making Organic No-Stain Period Panties

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In a world where you’ve got plenty of vegan and organic options when it comes to food, it’s no surprise that clothes too began to move towards a more environmentally-conscious form of craft as well. In fact, the wheels behind this movement began turning a while ago, it simply earned itself a moment in the spotlight now with independent fashion houses and sustainable fashion gaining momentum. In fact, Lavos, the company behind making India’s very own organic Period Panties has an entire range made up of Bamboo.

Lavos was started in the year 2012, with the Period Panties being one of the very first products they developed. With the reviews they received, they were inspired to create their now popular line of Bamboo products. We spoke to Balaji Haribaskar, the man who handles Lavos’ business across the Indian subcontinent about India’s response to this product specifically, “People honestly do love our product. Not only is it comfortable but it also helps one avoid the leakage problem they’re prone to whilst only wearing a pad or tampon.”

The Period Panty is anti-microbial, made of bamboo and cotton, and wicks moisture quicker than traditional cotton products. More importantly, the product is reusable! “All you have to do is rinse it with normal water to get rid of the blood and other fluid discharges/leaks from the pads, tampons or cup,” he says in regards to the care required to maintain the product. While some wear the panty without the use of a pad, tampon or cup (the panty is designed to hold upto 30-40ml of menstrual fluid), they recommend wearing one, due to the unpredictable nature of one’s period. If you were ever hesitant about making the switch to a menstrual cup, perhaps this could be your first step towards a more ‘sustainable’ period! Considering a panty is priced at INR 269, it seems like quite the deal.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair or two, you can visit their website here.

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