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These Blue & Yellow Christmas Cards Are Thoughtfully Designed For The Colour-Blind

Once December is upon us, one must prepare for the onslaught of all things Christmas to hit as nearly every other store on streets around the city, will have some form of red and green decor up to showcase their festive spirit. As glorious as this sentiment is, a certain quota of our population can’t partake in the joy and warmth one feels upon looking at these efforts—because in short, they simply can’t. Colour blindness as defined online is, “A reduced ability to distinguish between colours.” While there are several types of colour blindness, one of the most common types is a reduced sensitivity to green light also called Deuteranomaly. A reduced sensitivity to red light is called Protanomaly and together, these two types often find it hard to distinguish between red, green, brown and orange hues. In light of the same, Siddha Kannur, a design director along with Tanvi Tandon and a team, decided to help make Christmas a little bit more inclusive, in the way they knew best.

“A year back, I collaborated with Tanvi Tandon, a brilliant copywriter out of New York for a children’s book. Our book got a great response and even won a few global awards! A couple of months back, Tanvi reached out to me about her idea of ‘Rebranding Christmas For The Colour Blind’ and asked if I’d be interested. Although I was busy working on another project, the very idea of making someone’s Christmas ‘colourful’, in the truest sense of the word, made me postpone my project for this one,” says Siddha, when we asked him what spurred this project on. Siddha is based in Mumbai, while Tanvi is based in New York which made the project a little challenging given the time difference. It took about two to three months to arrive at the tenth designed card and the website.

“My biggest challenge though, as an illustrator, was that of maintaining consistency in colours and aesthetics. Waner Almeida, the art director, was a great help! We had even reached out to Dr Jay Nietz at Neitz ColorVision Lab for his expert advice on the subject. Through his research, we were given a palette of colours that would theoretically be far more distinguishable for those with red-green colourblindness,” explains Siddha, when we asked about how they worked around difficult hues.

The team plans on designing more cards and mini cards depending on the feedback they receive and also hope that this will soon become an accepted norm in the years to come.

To get your hands on one (or all) of their delightful Christmas Cards, click here!

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