Go Back In Time With These Whimsical, Vintage Bags From The Burnt Soul

Go Back In Time With These Whimsical, Vintage Bags From The Burnt Soul
The Burnt Soul

One of the reasons shopping from smaller boutiques and independent labels is far more exciting than mall-hopping is because you can cultivate a unique aesthetic with their personalised pieces. Fast fashion has us dressing very similarly and, personally, I’m more excited by garments and accessories that are handmade, handcrafted and woven with stories. My journey to discover more brands that play to my style sensibilities while staying true to their identity, has led me to The Burnt Soul. The story of how this New Delhi-based brand came into being is rather remarkable so I will start there because it gives important insight into their present design ideology. A fire accident at their workshop had them rebuilding the brand from its ashy remains but it taught co-founders Monisha and Gatik Bhandari the value of creating something new and beautiful as an ode to the past. At its very heart, then, the team draws inspiration from India’s rich and varied arts and crafts heritage and works with the country’s most skilled artisans to create one-of-a-kind apparel and bags for a contemporary closet.

The Burnt Soul is a lovely lifestyle store that’s ‘stocked’ with wearable dresses and kurtas, a huge collection of bags and totes as well as home decor products like table mats, coasters and coffee mugs. If you’re going to pick up one thing (and one thing only) from The Burnt Soul, let me guide your cursor to their selection of Vintage Box Sling Bags and Briefcase Laptop Bags (have a look at both in their Vintage Pop collection here). Available in whimsical colours like Plum Shadow and Rose Sand, these sling bags don’t just look good but are also extremely soothing for the hyper-organised. Equipped with a shoulder strap, cable and wire clips (no more tangled headphone wires!) and pockets, these are a great addition to your weekend wardrobe. Made with canvas and high-quality leather, the Vintage Box Slings are available in a larger size as the Briefcase Laptop Bags that are a fantastic replacement in case you’re looking for a more versatile alternative to your office backpack. These are priced at Rs. 3,500 and 5,500 respectively, but we’d happily fork it up for this classic piece from The Burnt Soul.

Inspired by journeys, any of The Burnt Soul’s bags (tote, sling or otherwise) would make a worthy travel companion but we’ll be starting with the Olive Drab Box Sling, named ironically because there’s nothing drab about this statement piece.

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