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India’s First ‘Anti Art-Fair’ Is Taking Over A Rundown Factory

Art is meant for everyone, but not everyone has access to high brow art galleries and exhibitions that showcase beautiful creations. So what’s a young and broke art lover to do? It isn’t easier for budding artists either. Getting your work showcased is a tough business, and making a profit off that can be even more problematic.

There’s also a need to redefine how we view, understand and receive art. To broaden the scope of acceptable mediums and methods and to innovate when it comes to expression. The freedom to do these things is limited and inaccessible to the majority of the artist community. Things may seem bleak but there are game-changers across the country that are trying to bridge the gap between independent artists and an audience hungry for something unique.

Coming up in February is The Irregulars Art Fair, an anti art-fair for independent artists that is going to be held over three days at Studio Khirki, New Delhi. This is going to be unlike any art affair you’ve been to before. Put together by fine artist and curator Tarini Sethi and Anant Ahuja, Creative Director at Bridge Studios, this anti-art fair is striving to bring together a variety of genres of art and culture, whether it’s fine arts, sculpture, music, architecture, dance or zines. There is no definition of what does and doesn’t define true ‘art’.

But why are they doing this? “To challenge the traditional cultural landscape of the art market. To activate spaces that would not normally be used to show art by having low-cost exhibition spaces and low-cost entry for art patrons, public and practitioners alike we aim to widen the arts audience in India and broaden the dialogue of what constitutes value and economy in the 21st century,” they say.

Whether you’re a left of centre installation artist or an experimental fashion designer, there’s space for everyone here. So, here’s calling out to all you weirdly wonderful artists out there. Submissions for The Irregulars Art Fair are open until January 20.

Please note: As per their requirements, you must submit a minimum of 5 images, with a maximum being 15, with a 200-word description. There is a submission fee of INR 1500 and as curators of the showcase, they will keep 20% of your sale prices.

Fill out your application HERE.

Deadline for submission: January 20

Announcement of selected artists: January 22

For more information you can visit their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

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