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Books, Board Games And Brunch At Delhi’s New Favourite Restaurant

Cut to Delhi 2018. The scene is bleak. Lines of organic, gourmet and health food restaurants line the streets, each fighting to outlive the other. None of them really succeeding. And in this mosh pit of clean eating is one lonesome oasis where indulgence and health share a page.

The Grammar Room, an extension of the beloved Olive Bar & Restaurant in Mehrauli is a newcomer on the scene but has quickly won hearts and followers with its laid-back but still luxurious vibe. They may share an entrance, but The Grammar Room functions entirely independently of Olive and even has a separate kitchen. This is down to their very stringent belief that fresh, quality ingredients are everything, every dish that makes it to the table is cooked moments earlier.

They have some unlikely standouts, a beetroot burger that has melted even the hardest willed carnivores, and a hibiscus iced tea that is the essence of a pleasant Spring day. Their menu is mainly designed for the brunching crowd and if you’re looking for a full meal, stick to their ‘Big plates’ section.

Though breakfast vibes are rampant, especially on their bright, open-air patio, most people find that the hours pass quickly in this beautiful spot. They offer board games and an ambience that’s hard to abandon, with a subtle but kitschy jungle theme and sunlight interiors, you’ll probably find yourself still hanging around by late afternoon...which is a perfect opportunity to sample their cocktail menu. Between the idyllic setting, delicious food and very unputdownable cocktails, The Grammar Room is sure to be your new favourite afternoon destination.

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