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Parsi Food & Hillside Treks At A 160-Year-Old Victorian Bungalow Outside Mumbai

Caught up in the hustle of urban city life we often forget how to take a pause and really enjoy ourselves. With the long weekend is inching closer, my mind drifts away to a haven far away from the humdrum of office and the never-moving traffic. In the search for solitude and serenity, I stumbled upon Belle Vue Cottage - a perfect blend of modern amenities and old world charm.

Nestled in the densely green woodlands of western ghats is a little bit of a Victorian spectacle. Belle Vue cottage in the hills of Khandala is a marvelous heritage bungalow built on a 160-year-old estate belonging to a Parsi family making it ideal for relaxation and reflection. Painted in white, this two-story ivy-clad colonial house is the quintessence of old world charm. With a cozy sit out area, sip your afternoon tea in solace and savor the calming winds of the hills or retire yourself in a well-stocked library that will surely take you back in time.

150 km South of the city Mumbai, Belle Vue can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time, making it perfect for a celebratory get-together or a tranquil stay-cation. Done up with antique furniture, four-poster beds and a balcony that offers breathtaking views of the Ghats. While the caretaker would be happy to take you for a stroll along the hills or a trek nearby, you can also savor the bygone era with old paintings and sepia-tinted photographs In the house. You can indulge in a traditional Parsi fare or have your own personal cookout with the outdoor barbeque facilities. The family stays at the upper estate and would love to engage you in interesting conversations about the property over a few drinks and a hearty meal. If that doesn’t convince you for a quick getaway, we’re happy to inform that apart from being an enchanting homestead, Belle Vue is pet- friendly. Your furry friends can tag along and help you recover from your hectic life in the comfort of peaceful antiquity.

Scroll on for a quick sneak peak.

Pack up your cameras and stock your car; for further information check out their Airbnb listing here.

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