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71 Artists Will Get A Chance To Design Indian Street-Side Shops – Apply Now

For the last two years, New Delhi-based creative agency Animal has brought together a variety of artists to creatively visualise various elements of the country. Their platform, Indianama has brought us beautiful creations depicting events that took place in a particular year – as chosen by the artist in their first edition – and year two was a curation of what India personally means to artists around the world, expressed through travel and tourism posters that move, be it as an animation or video. What’s one of the incredible things about Indianama is that it has never limited itself and the participants to any specific form of visualisation and creative expressions.

They’re showcasing multi-disciplinary artists across boundaries, bringing them together with one common theme – India. And their 2018 edition isn’t any different. They’ve now opened entries for their 2018 edition which is all about the streets of India .”Indianama, 2018, in a sense, is an edition that is seeded in the streets of India. It is a hip almanac of evocative ideas that features system identities conceived at and for the urban spaces. The works of 71 artists are cross-fertilized with vibrant street-side shops,” they write. “It is a design project, an idea and in essence a distillation of all that is vibrant, divergent, reflective, and humorous about our inner city intersections.”

This year, Indianama will be taking your creativity and design to the streets of Delhi. Artists will be paired up with shop owners and businesses to conceptualise, design and work on a new identity, brand and aesthetic for them, keeping in mind their space’s ethos. A compiled version of your creation will then be showcased at the iconic Bikaner House from August 5 till the 20th of the month, will your design will be implemented on-site at the space you work to rebrand with the owners. From radio and watch companies to juice stalls and gramophone stores – the selection of people to work with are far and wide and will serve as a great opportunity for you to explore your creativity which in turn provides a new look for the landscape of the Indian streets.

If you’d like to participate in Indianama 2018 you can fill out the form here. You can visit the Indianama website for more information regarding the same.

Feature image courtesy of Animal | Indianama via Facebook.

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