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‘A Little Fly’ Is The Edge The Indian Fashion Industry Needed

A young creative agency is hoping to change the future of fashion imagery, one frame at a time. A Little Fly (ALF) founder, Gina Narang has identified an open space in the Indian fashion landscape for a niche agency. The models and photographers represented by ALF have a distinct visual identity and a fresh perspective that translates into unforgettable photographs and progressive campaigns.

Gina says that “The ALF models are all about their personal vibe and identity. Hailing from all over the country, each one is extremely talented.” But what makes them truly special, in her opinion, is that every single one of ALF’s models wears many hats. “They are a stylist, makeup artist, producer, and director by day, and a model on their days off. They represent today’s creative youth.”

ALF’s take on fashion photography is also a breath of fresh air. The photographers that this young agency represents have an extremely well-defined sense of personal style and a vision. Gina says, “Today, with social media as our main platform, it is easy to forget that the photographer is also an artist. Unfortunately, many designers looking to shoot their collections are just looking for a camera. They come with a complete vision for the shoot (which is great for them of course) but leaves the photographer with zero creative control.” Her agency is actively working to alter this narrative. “ALF is about trusting a photographer with your brand because you believe in their work as an artist,” she says.

ALF was conceptualised right at the heart of the massive creative boom that is happening in India today; the avenues for expression have increased many-fold and unconventionality is being celebrated wholeheartedly. By bringing on board models and photographers with a holistic, well-rounded understanding of visuals, ALF makes the creative process more dynamic; a thriving exchange of ideas with lots of room for experimentation.

Check out some of ALF’s work here.

Feature image credits: (L) photographed by Tito. and (R) photographed by Prerna Nainwal.

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