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Sushi On A Budget? 9 Mumbai Restaurants That Won’t Break The Bank

From regretful tales of those who went overboard with wasabi on their first encounter with Japanese sushi, to my vegetarian friends sourly complaining about how a particular restaurant did not have enough vegetarian options on their sushi menu – my second-hand sushi experiences are plenty. But the one factor that ties them all together is the invariably exorbitant pricing of sushi no matter where you go. Personally, sushi rolls cut up into a handful of bite-sized pieces has never seemed worth the monetary investment. But the heart wants what it wants and there’s nothing we can do about that.

Eating sushi is never a low-cost affair. At best, it’s a budget-friendly one, but even that has much to do with what you consider to be ‘budget-friendly’. Moreover, at the heart of a good, somewhat economical sushi dining experience is an underlying combination of quality, quantity, and price – something not everyone is equipped to assess. Keeping all the first-timers and sushi enthusiasts in mind, we’ve chalked out a guide to cheap(ish) sushi in Mumbai. From buffets that aren’t exactly cheap but do offer great (unlimited) variety for the price you’re paying to some lesser-known delivery kitchens that sell sushi at relatively rock-bottom prices, there’s a Japanese restaurant for every kind of budget in Mumbai.


I. Global Fusion

Where: Multiple Locations

We’re not saying this is the cheapest on the list, but if you’re willing to splurge for just one meal, we promise this will be worth the effort and investment. Known for its buffets, which are cheaper as compared to a la carte, Global Fusion’s buffet meals come with a live sushi and sashimi counter. So if you’re a beginner who hasn’t quite yet discovered the world of sushi – this is a great opportunity to do just that!
Cost: Buffet meals range from INR 900 to INR 1,500.

Image Source: groupon
Image Source: groupon


II. Nom Nom

Where: Multiple Locations

Known for its sushi and dimsums and generally food that is freshly prepared, Nom Nom has two outlets, one in Bandra and one in Andheri. Nom Nom also serves a variety of nigiri and sashimi. Their sushi bar is the first thing you come across while glancing through their menu and it’s quite an impressive one.

Cost: A plate of sushi, nigiri, or sashimi will cost you anywhere between INR 575-900, with sushi being the cheapest of the three.

III. Pa Pa Ya

Where: Multiple Locations

Come here for the live sushi counter and stay for the 4-page sushi menu that serves pretty much everything you can imagine. From delectable veg and non-veg sushi options to their ‘modern sushi’ options that includes ‘Sushi Pizza’, ‘Sushi doughnut’, and ‘Sushi Burger’ – all of which come in veg and non-veg options.

Cost: A serving here would cost you INR 300 onwards (for 4 pieces) and INR 500 onwards (for 8 pieces).

IV. Origami Japanese And Korean Restaurant

Where: B Wing, Ground Floor, Supreme Business Park, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

One look at the sushi platter here is all the convincing you need to visit Origami Japanese and Korean Restaurant in Powai. Albeit a tad expensive, it’s totally worth the variety and quality. If not the platters, try their California roll anyway.

Cost: The sushi and sashimi platters (with a minimum of 15 pieces) starts at INR 1,700. INR 500 onwards for a plate of sashimi (5 pieces)

V. Yogo Sushi

Where: 6, Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West.

For many of us sushi itself is an experiment of sorts, but we can’t help but appreciate places that go a step further by experimenting with regular sushi. Yogo Sushi’s famed for its sushi burrito that has left many charmed and coming back for more. From veg sweet potato cream sushi to non-veg spicy teriyaki chicken sushi, the options here are unbelievably mouthwatering.

Cost: INR 500-800 for a roll of sushi (8 pieces). INR 550 for a vegetarian sushi burrito and INR 650 for a non-vegetarian one.

VI. Sushi Cafe

Where: Shop 2, 325, Siffin, Ambedkar Road, Near Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Bandra West.

To unwind after a long day of work in a quiet corner with just sushi by your side, Sushi Cafe in Bandra is the purist’s dream. With rustic interiors and a basic ambience, this tiny restaurant makes up for everything in the delicious food it offers. The hosts are warm and welcoming, and will even offer to help you if you happen to be struggling with your chopsticks.

Cost: A plate of sushi starting at INR 450 (8 pieces).

Image Source: Kobe Steak House
Image Source: Kobe Steak House


VII. Sushi Koi

Where: With prior notice, Sushi Koi delivers across Mumbai, otherwise it’s delivery radius is limited to 6-7 kms.

One of the few places that deliver sushi without burning a hole in your pocket, Sushi Koi’s unbelievably long menu is worth the effort of at least skimming through, if not actually ordering (although, it will be difficult to resist!). Their assorted sushi platters are accommodating for all kinds of eaters, especially if you’re a mixed group of veg, non-veg, and strictly seafood consumers. They also have a separate catering menu for larger party orders.

Cost: Sushi platters start at INR 1,360 and a la carte at INR 420.

VIII. Sushi And More

Where: Sushi And More delivers in Dadar, Peddar Road, Walkeshwar, and other South Bombay localities.

This place is as budget as budget can get - definitely the cheapest, tastiest one on our list! A small delivery kitchen that dishes up delicious sushi and delivers it to your doorstep, Sushi And More can be a little difficult to locate on your own in case you want to personally pick up your order. We suggest giving them a call first. The food comes with wasabi and easy-to-use chopsticks. Their Prawns Tempura Sushi is easily the winner. They have an extensive menu of sushi options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Don’t forget to try their ‘party platters’ which serve up to 20 pieces.

Cost: For the vegetarians, it’s INR 150 (4 pieces) and INR 250 onwards (8 pieces); for non-vegetarians, sushi rolls start at INR 240 (4 pices) and INR 400 (8 pieces).

IX. Tokyo Treat

Where: Delivers across Mumbai.

With Tokyo Treat’s open cooking counter, you can watch them prepare your sushi to the last detail. The dining experience here is so much more personal and intimate, and worth every penny. And if that’s not enough, their sushi rolls come with an approximate calorie count! Try their melt-in-your-mouth avocado and cream sushi. Moreover, at Tokyo Treat you can also make your own veg/non-veg sushi rolls with any 3 ingredients of your choice - so there’s definitely very little scope of being disappointed by the menu.

Cost: Veg sushi starting at INR 350 and non-veg sushi starting at INR 450 (8 pieces).

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