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Sample Our 3 Favourite Cold Brew Coffees Available In India

Even though many think of India as a tea-drinking nation, the wave of coffee breweries has proved otherwise. It’s a no-brainer that we have a strong caffeine-driven population that either chides in being unproductive until they’ve had their morning cup or gleefully compares their coffee intake to their colleagues - as if the more one drinks, the harder one works. In fact, ever since Starbucks has entered the scene, that was previously dominated by the likes of Cafe Coffee Day and Barista, there’s almost always something new and exciting brewing. One day it’s Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, the other it’s a whole new artisanal brewery you didn’t know existed before. And given India’s tropical climate and the kind of heat we experience for most parts of the year, it’s no surprise that cold brew - or more specifically, artisanal cold brew - has found appreciation amongst those inhabiting the urban landscape of our country.

Essentially brewed without the use of heat, by letting the coffee steep in water overnight or more and then experiencing its magic the next morning, cold brew is naturally non-acidic and cooling in nature. The process is simple but requires patience and commitment - something only a true caffeine-head can display. But even for true caffeine-heads, taking time out to brew coffee overnight and then making sure to drink it the next day can get a little difficult. With only 24 hours in hand and most of it being spent travelling and working - there’s little space for such time-consuming interests. And although that seems like a deterrent to the popularity of cold brew in India, it actually isn’t. For coffee houses across the country have managed to find a quick fix to that as well - by introducing cold brew on-the-go!

From bottled cinnamon flavoured cold brew to DIY packs, this new offering by the artisanal coffee industry has us all excited. And we suggest, you give them a try as soon as you can.

I. Sleepy owl

Delhi-based Sleepy Owl’s DIY cold brew packets are not just handy and convenient, but also at par with the store-bought cold brew experience. Founded by three friends, Arman, Ajai and Ashwajeet, Sleepy Owl made its debut in 2016 and is now available across several cities in the country. Having successfully found a solution to early morning laziness, Sleepy Owl’s cold brews can be simply prepared by leaving the filter bag in water overnight. So there’s no more rushing to brew your coffee in a last-minute hurry! Each packet brews about three cups of coffee and must be left in water for 22 hours to achieve just the right concentration and flavour.

Cost: INR 500 for a pack of cold brew (3 cups).

You can order by visiting their website.

II. Koinonia Coffee Roasters

Started by Siddharth, Clement, and Shannon, Koinonia’s motive has always been to give the consumer a good, clean cup of coffee from farmers they know and trust, at a completely affordable price. And with their bottled cold brew coffee, they’ve managed to adapt to the busy lifestyles of today. Brewed for over 24 hours, so as to extract all the natural flavours from the coffee beans, Koinonia’s ready-to-go cold brews are available in two very distinct flavours Cinnamon Bark and Coconut. And we love them both. They also have a range of other interesting cold brew drinks that aren’t bottled, but can be had at their coffee shop in Mumbai.

Cost: INR 160 for a bottle for a bottle of coconut or cinnamon bark cold brew.

You can order via Swiggy, Zomato, or Scootsy or simply drop by at their shop in Khar.

III. Third Roast Coffee

For many coffee-drinkers, such as yours truly, there’s often a price to pay in terms of caffeine-induced acidity which is almost always unavoidable. But with Third Roast’s cold brew concoction, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Brewed up to 24 hours, Third Roast’s cold brew is refreshing and reduces acidity while enhancing the caffeine experience. Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and filtered coffee, Third Roast’s cold brew options come in three unique flavours – Vanilla, Straight Up Black, and Vietnameasy. While Straight Up Black and Vanilla are easy to guess, Vietnameasy is cold brew made with condensed milk. Served in cute glass bottles that can be carried wherever you go, the cold brew servings are brewed in small batches and come in different quantities.

Cost: INR 130 onwards for a single cold brew. You can also buy packs of 2, 3 and 4.

You can place an order either through their Zomato page or DM them on Instagram.

Feature Image Courtesy: Sleepy Owl Coffee (L) and Zomato (R)

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