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An Immersive Travel Workshop Is Exploring Gender Roles In The Uttarakhand Hills

What one considers to be the most exciting bit about travelling differs from person to person but most of us agree that it’s the experiencing of a culture that is different from our native one, that make us complete our journey and return to our daily routine as someone a little wiser than before. Cultural exchange helps us gain different perspectives and ideas and makes us see the world from these differing lenses. Culture enthusiasts often go on inclusive trips in order to get a closer, more authentic look at the lives of different people around the world. There are several organisations catering to such needs in India too.

Little local, a company that promotes community based tourism, is holding a workshop that is perfect for those looking forward to get a taste of different cultures in the country, titled ‘She Moves Mountains’. This is the 3rd edition of this endeavour taken up by them in collaboration with SheThePeople, the first channel in the country founded by and for women. The aim of the workshop is to bring a unique travel experience to its attendees by providing a platform for the women from the cities and the villages to take part in a cultural exchange by engaging with each other.

The workshop is scheduled to take place from 2nd to 8th December, 2018, in Sarmoli, a small village in Munisari, Uttarakhand which promises a direct view of the Panchachuli Range. This programme is designed for women travellers only. The activities offered by the week-long workshop include spending time living and interacting with the local women, learning their traditional handicraft, getting some hands on experience by farming, cooking local cuisine, hiking and trekking. The organisers hope provide a space to the women to engage and learn from each other,understand their differing gender roles, share their stories of success and challenges and connect with each other despite their differences and make memories that have a lasting impact on their lives.

Their partner for this workshop is Himalayan Ark— an NGO that works towards making rural tourism more responsible by working with the local community on issues conservation of natural resources, creating livelihood interventions and building homestay programs for tourist, run by the local community. The cost of the workshop of is INR 25,000/- and it is inclusive of stay, meals, the workshop and local activities. Travel to and from the village is not included and considered as additional and personal expenses by the organisers. The participants will be accommodated in a homestay for a more inclusive experience.

Feature image courtesy of Little Local.

For more details regarding the workshop, click here.

You can apply for the same here.

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