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This New Goan Gallery Is A One-Stop Destination For Art Lovers

As December comes closer, the Goa season slowly starts to kick in – one social media story at a time until all our timelines are filled with beautiful pictures of Goa’s impeccable blue skies and ageless beaches. While the popular shacks and beaches attract their usual crowd, it’s the newer additions to Goa’s ‘raging’ scene that sometimes get missed – mostly due to lack of knowledge. Every year, Goa witnesses the opening of a number of boutiques, galleries,g studios and what not. Each as creative and quirky as it can get. And this year, is no different.

Studio Arpora, a new art gallery run by Saffron Weihl and her mother Shireen Mody, is opening its doors to the tourists (and residents, of course) of Goa this year. With its giant blue doors with the words ‘Studio Arpora’ neatly settled on top, and minimalist interiors, Studio Arpora is Saffron and Shireen’s attempt at not just venturing into the art world professionally, but also providing space for their creative energies to be discovered organically. “My mum used to hold exhibitions at home but the stress of these functions eventually wears us out so we decided to create a space where we can show our work in a professional yet personal way”, shares Saffron.

For the mother-daughter duo, Studio Arpora also defines a particular stage in the lives of both the women. One that is reflective of the evolution of their art over the years. “I have gone from painting pretty images of girls alongside flowers to more ethnic subjects like dancing elephants to my newer silhouette drawings,” says Saffron while talking about her personal growth as an artist. “Moreover, it’s the dawn of a new era in both our professions. For my mother, it’s the consummation of 40 years’ work. For me, a new beginning.”

While the studio is primarily a tool for Saffron and Shireen to get themselves out there, it’s also a safe space for the community. Situated close to the tourist-favourite spots like Calangute and Baga, Studio Arpora’s colours – the soothing blues, whites, and greys – have a calming effect and are very much in sync with Goa’s overall aura. Saffron’s artwork too is inspired by the different blues of the Mediterranean sea. “Blue is a peaceful colour and people responded well”, she tells Homegrown.

Characterised by abundant open spaces, soothing colours, a beautiful blue staircase, and art covering every inch of the inside walls, Studio Arpora is designed to cultivate a clutter-free environment that’s conducive to creativity. According to Saffron, the space is “extremely persona and bright and airy” with each detail of its decor refines and painstakingly perfected by their joint efforts. “It provides the perfect showcase for our dramatically different styles,” adds Saffron.

Apart from selling their own artwork, Studio Arpora will also display various creative projects that can easily be turned into unusual gifts for friends and family. From silk scarves to kitchen towels and even vibrant wrapping paper, there’s something for everyone. Saffron also plans on branching out to include other products like cushion covers and items for interiors.

Despite having opened up very recently, Studio Arpora has become a prominent part of Goa’s burgeoning creative community. Even though they haven’t had an official launch yet, word seems to have gotten around and the response has been tremendous. “The desire to learn and experience art in different forms in growing here and we hope to be accepted as a part of Goa’s cultural ethos”, Saffron signs off.

Address: Shop No. 287/GF-SH3, Tambudki Vaddo, opposite the famous old fish curry restaurant called Starlight, Arpora, Goa 403516

Timings: 10:30 am to 7 pm everyday.

Contact: +90755 09208

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