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The First Initiative To Document 12 Female Masturbation Techniques Is Finally Here

Although sex and sexuality is taboo in Indian society, young urban Indians are taking to social media, film, art and other mediums of expression to challenge and undo that conditioning. We must not only normalise women’s sexuality, but also educate ourselves about women’s bodies. For instance, an episode of Orange Is The New Black titled “A Whole Other Hole” addressed the fact that women urinate and have penetrative sex from two different openings, something that adult women in a prison were unaware of. Of course this unawareness issue is compounded in India where people don’t have access to sex education to learn about their bodies in a safe space. The more there is a lack of awareness and knowledge on how the female anatomy functions, the more myths on female sexuality live on – a problem faced by most of the world, not just India.

Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, founders of OMGYes
Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, founders of OMGYes

To solve this complex problem, Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins founded OMGYes, a research organisation studying sexual pleasure for women in collaboration with researchers, educators, sexologists, and creatives from other industries like film and design. “OMGYes is a collection of the ‘a-ha’ moments - realizations and techniques women and their partners have discovered, that they wish they could go back in time and show themselves,” says the site.

Today, the organisation has managed to document 12 different masturbation techniques– ‘Consistency,’ ‘Surprise,’ ‘Rhythm,’ ‘Orbiting,’ ‘Accenting,’ ‘Layering,’ ‘Hinting,’ ‘Staging,’ ‘Framing,’ ‘Signaling,’ ‘Multiples,’ and ‘Edging.’ And here’s how: from over 2000 in-depth interviews with women between the ages of 18 and 95 across the U.S., OMGYes and Debby Herbenick and Brian Dodge, researchers at the Indiana University School of Public Health, collected information on the women’s sexual histories, techniques during sex or masturbation that work particularly well, and strategies to communicate desires to partners. Then, they compiled the most common “realizations, techniques, frustrations, and lessons” into a series of online episodes directed at those who want to learn more about women’s bodies and sexual pleasure.

The OMGYes team says, “we wanted this information for ourselves and couldn’t find it! Just knowing that ‘everyone’s different’ isn’t as useful as knowing the specific ways we’re different and being able to discuss them.”

The most innovative and interactive part of this experience is also the most NSFW – after listening to women discuss their stories and preferences, you can replicate their stimulation techniques on a virtual vulva on your device’s touchscreen or computer. This “touchable” element lets you practice what you’ve learnt and helps you discover what works for you and your body or your partner.

Simulation of the "Touchable" feature
Simulation of the "Touchable" feature

To start with, in Season One, OMGYes focuses on genital touch, specifically clitoral stimulation, multiple orgasms, and facts on arousal. Season Two will emphasise different methods of internal and g-spot stimulation with fingers and scientific research on “squirting,” a topic that confuses many because of the sheer lack of inconsistent and accurate information. Season Three and beyond of OMGYes will showcase insights on oral and penetrative sex, sex toys, and male pleasure.

For men, women, and everyone outside the binary across the globe, OMGYes is a great resource to understand the intricacies of female sexual pleasure and how best to satisfy and communicate with your partner; it is also a great resource on the female anatomy and an empowering initiative that encourages women to discuss their preferences openly.

Season One’s 62 short videos and 11 “touchable” videos can be viewed for 1000 INR.

Feature image by: Anjul Dandekar

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